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Our experiences with the Green Bamboo fellas

29 April 2016

The moment after Mr. Patrick first told us about the Green Bamboo friends, we were all filled with excitements. Our U14 Football Squad rarely had any chance like this. Fellow friends coming from a different world with different lifestyles were going to our school and play with us. We would not only be able to make new friends, but also be able to get to know more about the outside world, about the other people that we never knew… well, exist. So, we all went home that day with a big smile on our face, and never have we ever wanted the upcoming Sunday to come that bad!

It was 1 PM on Sunday, the 21th of February 2016. One by one, we arrived at school. The complete list of the people who arrived was: Me (Ky Dan), Bao, Duy, Khoa, Hao, Khoi, Loc, Phan Anh, Kiet (Year 9) and Quang Anh. We were all very excited – but also nervous at the same time – at that moment. As we wait for the arrival of the Green Bamboo boys, we had a small training with Mr. Patrick.

green bamboo 2 green bamboo1 IMG_6424

The boys arrived. We were all trying to think of what to say, or maybe just roll with it. As the boys came down the bus, we immediately saw the reflection of something different from us. Some guys wore a Barcelona t-shirt, some a Chelsea, some Liverpool, and some just ordinary clothing. However, although we all came from different communities, we are all ordinary beings– and we knew that. So we came by, greet them and introduced ourselves. Mr. Patrick told us to go up to the gym and prepare for the games.

We split up into smaller teams to play against each other, and each team had about 4 or 5 people. Throughout the matches, we had great fun. We helped each other out, we talked to them, we laughed with each other, but most importantly, we scored lots of goals ^_^. During the match, I personally discovered some very skillful and funny friends, in which I became quite great friends with.

After the matches, we said goodbye to them as they returned to their place. We then had a little more training before going home to rest for the rest of the Sunday. However, before we went home, Mr. Patrick told us that we were going to play with them every 2 weeks. We were very surprised because we thought this event was only for once. But now, we would be able to make more friends and know more about these great people! We were very delighted and excited, again, for the Sunday two weeks after.

Two weeks after, on the 6th of March 2016, we were back at school, at 1:30 PM this time. We had even more boys on our side attending on that Sunday, and we had high hopes that this Sunday was going to be as fun, if not more fun than last time. Again, we had a small training, but the Green Bamboo boys arrived earlier than last time. There were even more people this time, so we basically had to introduce ourselves again (but we didn’t mind ^_^).

We had a marvellous time with the boys. We knew each other better, so we got along much easier than last time. I met the guy that I made friend last time, and we got to know each other even more! We had a penalty shootout as a bonus at the end, before saying goodbye again on 3 PM. The Green Bamboos boys were definitely much more outgoing this time, so that was also why we got along so well. Again, we had another small training before Mr. Patrick dismissed the squad.

On my way home, I had a small reflection of the experiences and friends I had gained in the past two weeks. Then suddenly, I remembered that without something, I wouldn’t be able to make a lot of friends, or had such great fun. It was football. The main target for this meet up was to play football and have fun. I started to realise that football was much more than an ordinary sport. Much  more. Football brings people together and football adds a big smile to this world. Without football, we wouldn’t have even known who the Green Bamboos boys were without this inspiring sport! Therefore, although we people are all playing football around the world competitively, like the Champions League or World Cup, we mustn’t forget the main aim of this sport: Union.

However, this amazing journey isn’t ending just yet. We all had amazing experiences, but we’ll make new ones soon. Thank you for such memorable experiences, Green Bamboo friends; we hope to see all of you again in Term 3!