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Work Experience at Vinspace

24 June 2016

Last week, the students of BVIS HCMC had been through 3 days of their first #workexperience. Nguyet, Dien and Salina are students who have been chosen to work at VinSpace Studio and Gallery in District 2. Down here, Nguyet, Dien and Salina share the stories of their journey at Vinspace


Day 1.#VGTakeOver #workexperience #Salina I was 15 minutes late on the first day of work. When I get here, Nguyet and Dien were already there doing their first work in the studio; while I doing my work at the gallery. Been instructed by QuynhAnh and Jim, I learnt how to stretch the canvas; moreover is to witnessed the moment when an art piece get packed and sent. I found myself very lucky to be able to get close and know about the new art pieces and artists while doing this job. Upstairs, Nguyet and Dien made some interesting collages and made them into books for the upcoming class. At the end, they had the chance to take their work home. - We had 'cha bo' sandwiches (prepared by Nguyet) for lunch and cupcakes from Sweet+Sour cupcake shop nearby. In the afternoon, surprisingly, Ms Lavender and Ms Nhung visited us and took some photos of us working. Mr Jim had his 'Art and craft' class in that afternoon, so we all had that chance to be assistants in his class and met the wonderful and playful kids.


Day 2. #VGTakeOver #workexperience #Dien On the second day morning, we continue writing advertisement for painting and products of Vin Gallery. I chose to write about ‘ Dunia Berawan’, a painting presents separateness and loneliness. The painting remind me of the poem ‘To Marguerite’ as both of them represent the sadness and powerless of human. Then I chose a product that is most attractive to me which is a handmade necklace made from purple stones. Original but beautiful, I could feel a gentle touch by old history. After writing, I go up to the second floor to help Nguyet and Salina cutting circles for afternoon lesson. Mr Wayman asked us to combine two circles together, separate by a stick, and draw in both side so we could see an animation when swinging. Mr Wayman was excited when he saw the products and asked us whether we could do more of them. For lunch, Nguyet brought her lunch pack which contains sushi then we shared together while walking to Sweet+Sour. When we back, I learnt how to recycle canvas by painting white on the old layers. It kinda exciting as I always throw out the old canvas whether I failed so I find out it helps me a lot. We were so happy as both of first and second day, Ms Lan, one of our manager, ordered yogurt café for us.So now,all of us are addicted to it. All of the staff were so nice and friendly to us and I'm glad that I had a chance to work in VinSpace. Through the time I spent here,I known more about new artist and experience what will be in real working life.


Day 3. #VGTakeOver #workexperience #Nguyet I was ten minutes late for the first two days; it would not be such a bother if this wasn't a three-days work experience. Filled with shame and embarrassment, I made a great effort to be on time on the last day; and for the first time in my entire life, I finally got to taste victory, not only I was two minutes earlier than expected, I was also the first one who came to the Studio/Gallery. I started off with two pieces of writing (one about my favorite painting and the other one is about a product in the shop) as part of the promotion campaign for Vin-Space Gallery. Honestly, it was not my favorite task since I have always been clumsy with words. It took me a whole morning to finish two pieces of writing; each was around five lines long! By the time I finished my work in the Gallery, it was already lunchtime so we (Salina, Yang and me) hurriedly ran to Family Mart for food. We came back just in time to clean the room for a student's birthday party. The theme was 'Under the Sea', so on the morning (while I was squeezing my grey matter for the writings) Dien and Salina worked so effectively on the decorations. We quickly prettified the room and were ready for the party. The kids arrived at four with their parents. The party was obviously the highlight of the day. Chaos was what we had expected and chaos was what we actually got. We played with the kids and totally enjoyed it. It was such a memorable moment.