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BVIS HCM Hero 07.09.18

Weekly Updates 07/09/2018

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Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM

Mr Simon[634x492]

Mr. Simon Higham, Principal

Following our return to school on day later this week due to the National Day public holiday, it is clear to me about the necessity for a routine in one’s personal and working life. This is essential in the promotion of our well-being and effectiveness for learning. 

So, is it important to quickly get back into our routine when we think it is Monday, instead of Tuesday? The answer is ‘yes’, according to the Australian phycologist Dani Kaufman.  

According to Kaufman, ‘building routines with your children helps them to feel safe and it’s also fundamental in the development of good habits.’ As parents, what can you do to build routines and a certainty as your child grows and develops throughout their time within school? 

Firstly, prioritise what routine you want to work on. This may be the time that your child completes their homework, when you sit down for the family meal or read together before bedtime. It may also be when your child packs their bags for school the next day or switches off the light to sleep. 

BVIS Sleeping

Then, decide upon a routine and stick with it. Be consistent in your approach and if you have to say ‘no’ or change a schedule to keep it going, then do so. Kaufman adds, ‘it’s much easier to commit to one new activity at a time; adding too many changes to the mix will be overwhelming and make you and your child less likely to stick to the schedule’. 

Finally, clearly communicate the reasons for initiating this routine with your child and tell them why you are implementing it. Work in partnership to build a relationship that focuses upon gratitude. Say what you liked about eating dinner together and complement when the school bag is sitting by the door, ready for the next day. Small things do make a big difference. 

The next time you feel different after returning to work following a public holiday, take time to stop and think why. Routines allow us to feel safe and secure, feel certain of what is coming next and allow us to establish the boundaries that we need for a successful learning environment. 

If you would like to read the full article containing advice about establishing routines at home with your children, with comments from Dani Kaufman, please click here. 

Meet the Teacher BVIS HCMC

Thank you to all parents who attended the recent Primary and Secondary Meet the Teacher evenings. It was encouraging to see so many parents who attended these important events. Please ensure that if you have any concerns or questions about your child’s education, do not hesitate to contact their class teacher (Primary) or form tutor (Secondary) so that they can arrange a suitable time to meet with you directly.  

As part of our commitment to the safety of everyone within our BVIS community, I would like to remind you of the following people who you can contact if you have a concern about the welfare of any child within our school (please see the poster below) 

Safety Training BVIS HCM 2018

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM


Ms Rosy Clark, Head of Primary

Thank you to all parents who attended our recent “Meet the Teachers” evening. It was a pleasure to see so many of you there and we hope you found it useful to hear about some of our current developments here in BVIS Primary as well as the expectations and routines for your child this school year.

Student Leadership

In assembly on Friday morning, this year’s House Captains were introduced to the Primary School. This particular leadership opportunity is open to Year 6 children who are required to formally apply in writing.

Student leadership is an area that we value and encourage at BVIS. Being a House Captain is just one example of how Year 6 students can lead.

House Captains 18-19 BVIS HCM

Providing opportunities for children to lead in school enables them to develop a wide range of skills including:

  • communication
  • building relationships
  • managing their time effectively

We hope our children who step into positions of leadership will demonstrate respect for others and the ability to reflect upon their position as a role model. Our expectation is that they will develop greater independence and responsibility through their leadership experience and ultimately gain a sense of pride and achievement by the end of the year.

Elections for Primary Student Council will soon be held providing an opportunity for children right across the Primary School to step into a leadership role.

Introduction to New Primary Teachers

Welcome to Mr Max Coupland - Year 3 Teacher 

Max Coupland

1. Where did you live prior to coming to Vietnam and what was the name of your previous school? 

Before working at BVIS, I lived in London and worked Mandeville Primary School for four years. 

2. What are your fist impressions of BVIS? 

I felt an immediate warmth and positivity from all at BVIS, which has made it easier to start life in a new country. 

3. What are your first impressions of Vietnam? 

People have been so friendly and helpful, and the food is the best in the world! 

4. What 3 things are you looking forward to doing whilst living in Vietnam? 

I’m looking forward to learning more of the language, so I can learn as much as possible about Vietnam and its culture. I also can’t wait to travel to other parts of the country, and I’d like to go to watch the Vietnamese international team play a football match sometime soon. 

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM


Mr Jack Rudin, Head of Secondary

Building the Relationship Between School and Home

I hope you all had a very enjoyable long weekend. It has been a pleasure to see so many parents at our KS3 and KS5 meet the tutor evenings this week. One of our objectives this year is increase the amount of contact that we have with you and to build the relationship between school and home. These evenings are one of the first opportunities of the year for us to do this and I am very grateful to those of you who could attend.  We really want to build up the communication between home and school this year so please contact us with any questions or feedback you may have.

Looking ahead here are some dates for your diary

  • Year 13 Parents Evening on the 18th of October,
  • Year 11 Parents Evening on the 16th of October,
  • Year 12 Parents Evening on the 6th of November
  • Year 10 Parents Evening on the 8th of November
  • Year 9 Parents Evening on the 22 of November
  • Year 7 Parents Evening on the 27 of November
  • Year 8 Parents Evening on the 29th of November

We would like all our parents to come to these events so please do save these dates and come along so that we can all support your children in their educational journey.

KS3 Meet the Teacher BVIS 18-19

This year we have a fantastic performance planned for next term with a performance of our house and the Drama performing arts departments are already working with students on this.

Auditions for Secondary Production

         House Performance 18-19


Not only does being in School Productions look great on a CV or University application, it also develops skills in communication, confidence and control.  Some of our highest attaining students have taken part in productions because it is a great way to build social and personal skills away from the classroom. This year we are producing OUR HOUSE: School Edition which is a brilliant show about a boy who has a decision to make which could change his destiny. A modern and fun soundtrack and a varied and interesting character profile makes this show one to be part of.  To sign up for a main role you need to write your name on the sheet on the board outside drama and take the script for the character you want to be. If you want to be part of it but not a main role, please just sign up for PRODUCTION ECA! AUDITIONS ARE TAKING PLACE AT LUNCH on 11th,12th,13th September!  Speak to Miss Clements for more information.

To see the schools version:

Students who were involved in last year's production had great fun and produced an excellent production for all our families to enjoy.

BVIS Production BVIS HCM 18-19

At BVIS we are proud of Science being a subject where students have lots of opportunities to carry out practical lab work. In everything we do at BVIS we put safety first and this week the science department undertook their annual fire safety training. The team were shown how to extinguish a fire using multiple techniques.

Safety Training BVIS HCM 18-19

PE Have Started the Year by Developing the Year 10 Girls Fitness

This week in PE the girls in Y10 were working on their shots and sports specific fitness to develop game play in our current activity, Basketball. They had to turn over cards and complete a set number of fitness challenges or shots, including squats, sit-ups, free throws and lay-ups. Points were scored and recorded on the board, it was very competitive!

Sports News

It has been a busy few weeks in the sports world at BVIS. Students have been trying out for sports teams and today the successful athletes will be bringing home their squad acceptance letter and parental consent forms. Therefore please read this letter carefully and hand the signed consent form back to the secondary office on Monday 10th September.

Season 1 competitive sports fixtures start next week please see scheduled games below.

Schedule BVIS HCM 18-19

Next week Parent's of the U14 football team should expect a letter regarding the very first Nord Anglia Games football tournament which is to be held at RMIT university next March.

Introduction to New Secondary Teachers

Welcome to Ms Danielle Griffith – Dance and PE Teacher  

Danielle Griffith

1. Where did you live prior to coming to Vietnam and what was the name of your previous school? 

I lived in London before I moved to Vietnam and I used to teach at Burntwood Academy.  

2. What are your fist impressions of BVIS? 

My first impression of the school was that it was a lot bigger than I imagined with many different facilities. Clean and welcoming. 

3. What are your first impressions of Vietnam? 

I travelled around Vietnam 4 years ago from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh and loved it. There is so much going on and so much to learn about the culture. People are friendly here. 

4. What 3 things are you looking forward to doing whilst living in Vietnam? 

Learning a new language – even if it is ‘where is the toilet?’   

Traveling more and seeing different parts of Vietnam.  

To see more/learn about Vietnamese dancing. 

If you have any feedback or comments regarding these Weekly Highlights or any other aspect of school life at BVIS, please feel free to contact me directly via email: Simon.Higham@bvisvietnam.com 

Have a great weekend ahead! 

Mr Simon Higham (Principal), Ms Rosy Clark (Primary Head Teacher), Mr Jack Rudin (Secondary Head Teacher) 

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