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Weekly Highlight 11/10/2019 Tiêu điểm trong tuần BVIS HCMC

Weekly Highlight 11/10/2019

Principal Update BVIS HCMC

Mr Simon Higham - Principal

Mr. Simon Higham, Principal

Dear Parents,

Welcome to this week’s Highlights and what a busy and full week of learning it has been!

Thank you to all parents who attended this week’s Y11 Parent Meetings. It was great to see so many families attending this extremely important event. If for any reason you were unable to attend, please do not hesitate to contact your son/daughter’s tutor so that they can arrange a meeting to feedback on their progress.

This week, we have welcomed over 40 school leaders from around our Nord Anglia Education region who have taken part in the next phase of the Middle Leadership programme. This is offered to aspiring middle leaders and again shows our commitment to ‘growing our own’ talent to ensure our students learn from the very best.

Thank you again for taking time to read these Highlights. Take time to introduce other parents to it as we celebrate the achievements of our school, within our school community.

Developing "Head - Heart - Hand"

Trường Quốc tế Anh Việt BVIS TP HCM Community Day Ngày Vì Cộng Đồng (18)

As an international school in the Nord Anglia Education Group, we are proud to provide our students with a unique international bilingual curriculum. Here at BVIS HCMC, in addition to gaining a depth of knowledge and developing skills which are important for their future, our students learn about key characteristics, gratitude and how to share through community service-learning. 

Trường Quốc tế Anh Việt BVIS TP HCM Community Day Ngày Vì Cộng Đồng (13)

For more information about how we are engaging with, and learning from our local community in collaboration with UNICEF and the world’s largest lesson, click here

Remember to follow Ms Naomi Skinner’s progress as she tries to become the first woman to run from Hanoi to HCMC through her personal blog.

Naomi Skinner Run for Charity BVIS HCMC

Look through these pages with your children and ask them to think about why she is doing this and how we as a school have been involved and supported her adventure. Also, can you spot the toy water buffalo on her backpack that was given to her from school? It represents our commitment to Vietnamese Perspective that is found embedded on our Aide Memoire!

BVIS HCMC Aide Memoire

Make a note in your calendars - Halloween Family Night at BVIS

As mentioned in last week’s Highlights, we are delighted to announce our very first Halloween Family Night at BVIS and all of you and your family is invited to join us.

The Night promises to bring in a fun and exciting time for families and friends through spooky decoration, a variety of Halloween games, best Halloween costume competition and of course, delicious food.

Halloween Family Night BVIS HCMC

If you wish to support as a Games Booth Coordinator on the day, please register by sending an email to Ms Thao Nguyen - Events Manager at thao.nguyen3@bvisvietnam.com / Tel: +8428 3758 0709 - Ext. 216.

In advance, thank you to all parents who have already put themselves forward to help in support of our school and this exciting new event. 

Developing a Healthy Sleep Pattern – A Parent Seminar led by Family Medical Practice

Thank you to all parents who attended this Thursday’s parent workshop, hosted by Family Medical Practice on the topic of sleep.

BVIS HCMC Sleep Workshop FMP

Many thanks also to Dr. Johnathan Halevy for taking time out of his busy schedule to work across our BVIS community.

BVIS HCMC Parents Workshop Sleep

If you have any further suggestions for possible parent workshops in the future, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Thao Nguyen - Director of Admissions & Marketing via email Thao.Nguyen1@bvisvietnam.com or always feel free to come and talk with us in the Admissions Office that is situated in the Primary Foyer.

Swim Safety Quality Assurance at BVIS!

BVIS HCMC Safeguarding Training huấn luyện an toàn bơi lôi (8)

BVIS’s continued commitment to providing the best quality and up to date training for the benefit of our students and school continued last week as the PE department and lifeguards had a day of swim safety training.

Read more and view the pictures of this event in this post that is located on the ‘News & Events’ section on our school website.

If you have missed any of the previous editions of our Highlights or simply would like to look back and refresh your knowledge of our school, they can be found on the News and Events section situated on the Home Page of our school website.

Working With Our Local Community For Our Local Community – Drivers Code of Conduct

BVIS HCMC Drivers Coduct

Next week, we will be distributing our new Driver’s Code of Conduct to all drivers both dropping off and picking up at our school. The purpose of this document is to remind all of our drivers how they can work with us and our community to ensure that our shared environment outside of school is the best that it can possibly be.

  • Always ensure that you adhere to the one-way system around school to ensure effective traffic flow 
  • Always dispose of your litter using the nearest rubbish bin – never leave or throw any litter in our community. Please dispose of it in a nearby bin to respect our school and wider community who both work and live in this area  
  • Avoid using hammocks to sleep in this area – respect our community and avoid blocking paths and walkways with hammocks 
  • Always use designated toilet facilities – if you need to use the school toilet facilities, you are welcome to do so in school if you have an appropriate swipe card or visitors’ badge. Respect our students and the wider community by using the appropriate toilet facilities 
  • Always show respect to our guards and follow their instructions – they are here to keep you all safe and have a difficult job when drivers ignore their instructions. 
  • Understand that your actions reflect upon your family – always respect members of our school and wider community to make our environment the very best that it can be. 

Thank you for your continued help and support.

Meet our New Teachers

This week, we continue to introduce you to another new teacher to our school.

Welcome to Mr Douglas Crowder - Primary EAL Teacher 

BVIS HCMC Staff Douglas Crowder | Giáo viên

1. Where did you live prior to coming to Vietnam, what role did you have and what was the name of your previous school? 

I’ve lived in Vietnam for the last 4 and a half years. I began working at ILA shortly after arriving in HCMC. 

2.   What were your first impressions of BVIS? 

I was impressed with the passion and professionalism shown by staff in all departments of the school. 

3. What were your first impressions of Vietnam? 

I fell in love with Vietnam and Vietnamese culture almost immediately. It’s such a warm and welcoming country. When I first arrived, I really enjoyed how quick people were to share a moment and a laugh. 

4. What 3 things are you looking forward to doing whilst working and living in Vietnam? 

Some things I haven’t done but am looking forward to include, learning how to make phở, riding a motorbike in Hà Giang and visiting Phú Quốc. 

5. If you could sum up your experience so far in just one word, what would it be?


Look out for another new teacher in next week’s Highlights.

For information on all of our teachers in school, please click here to see their profiles on our website.

Important Upcoming dates for your Diary

Academic calendar BVIS HCMC | Lịch năm học

  • Tuesday 15th October: Year 9 IGCSE Option Evening – all parents of Year 9 to attend (4.30pm to 6.00pm)
  • Tuesday 15th October: Young Musician of the Year Final - BIS HCMC Secondary Theatre) – 6.00pm to 7.30pm.
  • Thursday 17th October: Year 9 Parents’ Meeting (3.30pm -6.00pm) Main Hall
  • Friday 18th October: Last day of the half term

(School closes from Monday 21st October to Friday 25th October 2019)

  • Monday 28th October: School reopens
  • Thursday 31st October: Halloween Family Night at BVIS (16.30 – 19.00) Main Hall

Essential School Contacts

If you need to contact school, please use the essential contacts below to ensure that you get in touch with the correct departments in the most effective way:

For all Primary Enquiries:

(028) 3758 0709 / ext. 111

For all Secondary Enquiries:

(028) 3758 0717 / ext. 211

For all Enquiries linked to Admissions: 

(028) 3758 0710

A full list of our school contacts can be found here on our school website.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our students remains the numbers one priority at BVIS HCMC. Should you have a concern for the welfare of any child in our school, please refer to our Safeguarding poster below:

Safety Training BVIS HCM 2018

Primary Update BVIS HCMC


Ms Rosy Clark, Head of Primary

Bilingual Month

October in the Primary school is “Bilingual Month”. To an outsider, this may perhaps appear to be an unnecessary event as we are after all an international bilingual school! However, BVIS Bilingual Month is both a valuable and popular part of our school calendar, which was introduced several years ago when we realised that our children were not particularly aware of just how special their bilingual skills are!

Bilingualism has many benefits as outlined at the front of our parent handbook:

Benefits of studying in an international bilingual school

In an increasingly globalised world speaking two languages, rather than just one, has obvious practical benefits linked to job opportunities and higher income potential. However, in recent years, scientists have begun to show that the advantages of bilingualism are even more significant than being able to converse with a wider range of people. Being bilingual, it turns out, has a profound effect on the brain and can make you smarter.

These benefits of being bilingual can be summarised as:

  • Increased Mental Processing Capacity - this means people can handle more tasks at the same time and do them more quickly. This gives more avenues for thought and better problem-solving capacity.
  • Greater Information Processing Control – this means bilingual people are better able to sort out relevant information from irrelevant information. This means they can focus better and be more effective thinkers and decision-makers.
  • Improved Memory – this allows people to work with greater amounts of information which expands their knowledge-base and understanding
  • Increased Mental Flexibility – this means people are able to see a wider range of interpretations of information and can see the world from different perspectives
  • Greater Metalinguistic Awareness – this contributes to greater sensitivity in inter-personal communications
  • Improved Mental Health – there is scientific evidence which demonstrates that being bilingual slows down mental decline by two to four years

These benefits are taken from the book ‘Excellence in Bilingual Education’ written by Peeter Mehisto. The book (ISBN 9781107681477) is published by Cambridge University Press.

We are proud of our bilingual curriculum and educational philosophy at BVIS and, through Bilingual Month, we encourage our students to focus on their bilingual ability and how this can help them in life.

  • BVIS HCMC Primary Bilingual Month Tháng Song Ngữ (7)
  • BVIS HCMC Primary Bilingual Month Tháng Song Ngữ (6)
  • BVIS HCMC Primary Bilingual Month Tháng Song Ngữ (5)
  • BVIS HCMC Primary Bilingual Month Tháng Song Ngữ (4)
  • BVIS HCMC Primary Bilingual Month Tháng Song Ngữ (3)
  • BVIS HCMC Primary Bilingual Month Tháng Song Ngữ (2)
  • BVIS HCMC Primary Bilingual Month Tháng Song Ngữ (1)

Bilingual Month is also an opportunity for our children to have fun with their bilingual skills. Organised by our Language Support staff, children are encouraged to participate in a range of activities using their bilingual skills:

  • Bilingual games on the stage in the playground during lunchtimes on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • A bilingual poetry competition 
  • Korean lessons provided by our Korean students
  • A bilingual pop song competition
  • Vietnamese teaching provided by the students for their English class teachers
  • Bilingual story writing in each year group when each class writes part of the “chain story” and then passes it on to the next class

The whole event will end on Friday 18th October when school closes for the half term holidays. Primary assembly that day will be a celebration of Bilingual Month at BVIS and all parents are welcome to attend at 8:30am in the Main Hall.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Secondary Update BVIS HCMC


Mr Jack Rudin, Head of Secondary

Creative Arts 

The creative arts continue to be an effective focus for learning across our Year 7 to Year 9 classes. All students have been working on projects that involve dance, drama and music. Ask your son/daughter what they have been doing across the creative arts department this half term. A special mention this week to all students in 7I who have been working on their own choreography ready for their assessment. Great teamwork and enthusiasm! 

BVIS HCMC Dance Class

A level and iGCSE Drama students visited BIS this week for a skills workshop lead by Louise Amos from the ‘IN TOUCH’ residency who have been brought to Vietnam by UK Theatre Company, Paperbirds. 

The professional actor/director collaborated with the students as they worked on their scripted exam material and brought a fresh approach to communicating power, relationships and character. Students worked with classical text and used Boal and Brechtian techniques such as choral voice and tableau to explore dramatic potential.   

Drama Workshop BVIS HCMC

U19 Girls Volleyball Squad

The U19 Girls had a very fiercely contended match against ABCIS in their third volleyball game of the season. BVIS started strong in the first set, demonstrating great communication and team work to win 25-13. ABCIS came back fighting in the second set to win 25-16, forcing the match to go to a third and final set decider. In the final set our BVIS girls showed great perseverance and positivity. Khoa’s strong and accurate serving proved un-returnable for ABCIS, and helped propel BVIS into the lead. The score of the final set was 15-10, with BVIS winning the set and the match! Congratulations girls. 

BVIS HCMC Volleyball squad

Year 12 Residential to Mui Ne (27th to 29th Sept 2019)

Last weekend (27th to 29th September) 59 intrepid students from years 12 and 13 + staff travelled to Mui Ne for our yearly leadership and teamworking weekend. Over the course of the weekend Year 12 students took part in 17 physical problem-solving tasks in which they either had to work as a team together or have an appointed leader take control.    

All tasks were run by Year 13 prefects who themselves were gaining higher level leadership and teamworking skills.  Students in the 6th form at BVIS are expected to develop academically, socially and emotionally outside of the classroom and are given the opportunity to lead activities either at house or school level.  This weekend gives the students a much more practical look at the dynamics of leadership and how both leaders and teams have needs that must be fulfilled to be effective and successful. 

By the end of the very successful weekend there were 59 tired, but fulfilled students and teachers. Well done to all!

  • BVIS HCMC Mui Ne Trip (8)
  • BVIS HCMC Mui Ne Trip (7)
  • BVIS HCMC Mui Ne Trip (6)
  • BVIS HCMC Mui Ne Trip (5)
  • BVIS HCMC Mui Ne Trip (4)
  • BVIS HCMC Mui Ne Trip (2)
  • BVIS HCMC Mui Ne Trip (1)

Year 9 Options Evening and Parents Evening 

Parents of Year 9 have been sent a letter this week inviting them to the options evening and a parents’ evening on Tuesday 15th October and Thursday 17th October.  Over the next few weeks, students will be asked to choose which optional subjects they would like to study for their IGCSEs next year. In addition to this, the options evening will provide more information and advice on this process and how to make good choices. It will also give you and your son/daughter an opportunity to talk to the subject leaders about the courses they are running. The parents’ evening will be a further opportunity to discuss their progress and next steps for learning. We look forward to seeing you all there.  

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at: Simon.Higham@bvisvietnam.com to give feedback on our Weekly Highlights and how it can be further improved in the future.

Be Ambitious BVIS HCM 2018

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