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Weekly Highlights 28/5/2021

Principal Update BVIS HCMC

Mr Simon Higham - Principal

Mr. Simon Higham, Principal

Dear Parents 

Welcome to this week’s Highlights, that aims to support our BVIS community to engage and connect with our school’s weekly events and ongoing successes. 

Thank You

Over the last 12 months, we have been fortunate to have been in school for face-to-face learning for most of our academic year. During the times that we need to support our wider community and move to online learning, it continues to impress me how resilient we all are in our willingness to embrace change as a positive and be even better because of it. I continue to thank each BVIS parent for your partnership and support.

Weekly highlights 28.05 (4)

Nord Anglia University

When we face restrictions in gatherings and regional travel, it is challenging for any school to ensure that their teachers continue developing their own professional skills and practice. However, across our Nord Anglia Education Network of 73 schools, all of our teachers and staff members have exclusive access to an extensive platform called Nord Anglia University (NAU).

Nord Anglia University provides a rich mix of online and face-to-face opportunities to ensure that every teacher won’t just maintain their skills and expertise but continue to develop at the leading edge of educational thinking.

Weekly highlights 28.05 (1)

Through NAU, our teachers can share ideas, inspiration and challenges with colleagues around the globe through our communities, as well as examples of best practise from across our family of schools.

During the last year, the number of visitors to NAU has increased by 100% and 75% of all teachers surveyed across our network of schools have stated that through this learning, they have been ‘empowered in their role’.

This is why our teachers continue to be better and better – whether face to face, or online.

Global Campus

An example of how our students have developed themselves further this academic year, is through our Global Campus Platform.

Under our vision that ‘learning has no limits at Nord Anglia Education’, every student at BVIS has access to engaging learning environments within Global Campus where they learn with fellow students from around the world.

Outstanding Global Campus Achievers BVIS HCMC

From Foundation Stage to 6th Form, everyone can learn from invited experts, take part in various challenges and competitions, or collaborate with peers before and after regional festivals, sports events or global expeditions.

From August 2020 to May 2021, BVIS has risen to the 7th biggest user of Global Campus out of 73 NAE schools across the world and gained 1st place in a Virtual Music Competition and 1st place in a Visual Arts Competition. 

Amazingly, the number of views from NAE students on Global Campus has nearly reached 3 million so far this year – that is 5 times more than the entire number of views compared to last year!

BVIS HCMC Global Campus Visual Arts Competition 2021 (5)

This weekend, I would encourage you all to look through Global Campus with you child(ren). This extensive online resource helps to further support students (and parents) during this period of online learning.

Contact Us

For all individual queries about your child’s academic work/social and emotional wellbeing in school or during this period of VSE, please contact their form/class teachers directly via email or Dojo.


For all additional Primary Enquiries, please call: 

(028) 3758 0709 / ext. 111 

For all additional Secondary Enquiries, please call:

(028) 3758 0717 / ext. 211

On behalf of everyone at our school, we wish you a very safe and relaxing weekend ahead.

Primary Update BVIS HCMC

Mrs Mary McAloon BVIS HCMC Staff

Mrs Mary McAloon, Head of Primary

Early Years Home Learning Packs

This week our Early Years classes began using a new home learning pack.  Planned with a practical and engaging approach to learning, these packs provide activities that develop our children’s skills in all areas of the curriculum and support parents at home. Thank you to all families who have collected their child’s pack from school; if you are having difficulty in doing so, please remember that many families have successfully sent drivers to collect them on their behalf.  Please let your class teachers know your personal situation and we will endeavour to find a way to get the pack to your child.

BVIS HCMC Home Learning Packs Dụng cụ học tập tại nhà (7)


Being an enquirer is imperative to being a successful learner. During lessons, teachers can regularly be heard encouraging their students to find out, investigate and ask questions to learn and understand more. This is the reason that enquiry is one of our eight significant attributes within our Aide Memoire. 

Albert Einstein never stopped asking questions, in fact he once said,“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

By instilling this message in our young learners, we know they will develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to achieve their aspirations and take every opportunity that is handed to them.  This is why, last week children were focusing on their enquiry skills and teachers highlighted the children who demonstrated enquiry in the best of ways. 

BVIS HCMC Aide Memoire Update

Supporting VSE

The children in the primary years are demonstrating dedication and independence everyday as they approach online learning through our VSE. Having joined a number of lessons this week to experience the learning activities that children are participating in, I am pleased to share that children are focused and engaged as they would be in school.  

One last piece of advice to leave you with is to find time during the week to sit with your children and discuss, consider and reflect on their learning. Having an opportunity to share with an adult at home will support your child to consolidate what they have learned and feel enthused and valued for the efforts they are putting into their learning.

Secondary Update BVIS HCMC


Mr Jack Rudin, Head of Secondary

VSE Years 7-9

I would like to thank the parents, students and teachers for their commitment to making Virtual School Experience a success again this week. I know this has taken hard work, flexibility and a ‘can do’ attitude from everyone and I am grateful to work with a community of people who have exactly this approach.

This week we have again had great attendance in Year 7 to 9 so well done to all of you.

Humanities Year 10

We have really appreciated the continued enthusiasm shown by Year 10 students. 

BVIS HCMC Secondary in school (11)

Humanities Year 8

After completing a Unit of Study looking at the Transatlantic Slave trade, Year 8 were set the task to choose one person from recent history who has fought for human rights who should go on the Fourth Plinth, in Trafalgar Square in London, which has a rolling program of different artwork and statues on it at different times.

Using a variety of medium, from PowerPoint to speeches and short videos some amazing work was produced extolling the merits of such diverse figures as Nelson Mandela, Mary Wollstonecraft & Eleanor Roosevelt. This fabulous work will be displayed on the Humanities corridor for when students return to school.

BVIS Secondary Champion of the Week

Congratulations to Quang in 7S who is, for the second week running, the Secondary Champion of the Week. A huge ‘WELL DONE’ to Quang.

Who will try and take Quang’s Champion crown next week?

Safeguarding and Child Protection

The health, safety and wellbeing of our students remains the number one priority at BVIS HCMC.

Should you have a concern for the welfare of any child in our school, please refer to our Safeguarding poster below: 

Safety Training BVIS HCM 2018

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