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05 February, 2020

Amalia and Olivia Reflect on the 24-Hour Musical

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My experience in the 24-hour musical was amazing. Everyone was so kind and so fun to work with. I loved how everybody collaborated with each other because it was very important to work together if we wanted to have an amazing play. The first day we started by introducing ourselves by some games and after that the teachers divided us into two groups to do a game using improvisation because it was very important if we forgot a line in the show because if we did we had to improvise. After that we practiced the big songs to see how well we knew the lyrics, then we got our characters which was very exciting. All the teachers took a scene and started practicing them. By then it was already pretty late so we all were really tired. Then the pizza came, and after we practiced more. It was really hard to memorize so much in so little time, and we were all really scared that we were all not going to remember our lines but then it was all much better because we were getting used to it. The next morning, we kept ppracticing until two hours until the final show. At this point we did one last run-through that was really scary because lots of us thought that we were going to forget our lines in the middle of the play. I think that in general this show was AMAZING and we were all super into character. I would really like to thank all the teachers for being so helpful and for always being there when we had problems. They were so amazing and because of this we had the best 24-hour musical in the entire world.
Olivia Del Valle (Grade 6)
Olivia Del Valle (Grade 6)
Amalia and Olivia Reflect on the 24-Hour Musical This January, two dozen Secondary students from grades 6, 7 and 8 took part in a special ICS tradition: the 24-hour musical. It was quite a feat!

This collaborative activity stretches students’ creative muscles as they are challenged to come up with and perform a brand-new musical in the brief span of only 24 hours. Students and volunteers dedicated an entire day to this special activity.

With the clock ticking, our performers even stayed overnight at school to maximise their limited time. After a frenzied day of practice, the curtain came up on our performers. How did they do? The students share what it was like in their own words:

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Thanks to Amalia and Olivia for sharing their reflections on the experience. In addition, we would like to thank the Arts Department, the four helpers from Grade 9 and all of the staff members who volunteered their time to make this activity a smashing success. You have wowed us yet again!