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05 November, 2020

The Expressive Arts around ICS

The Expressive Arts around ICS At ICS, we love the arts! From early years all the way through Grade 12, check out some of the recent art projects that we’ve poured our heart and soul into this term. Banner

At ICS, we love the arts! From early years all the way through Grade 12, check out some of the art projects that we’ve poured our heart and soul into this term.

Colourful Celebrations

This week our Infants students have been learning about the  customs associated with Mexico's Day of the Dead. They had a wonderful time creating colourful and imaginative works of art celebrating this holiday.

Who lives in the garden?

Our Early Years students recently worked on a collaborative display of the different living things found in a garden for their Unit of Inquiry “Sharing the Planet, Living in the Garden”. The students brought soil, grass, trees and flowers to life with their imaginative drawings. Not only did they make all kinds of insects like caterpillars and ladybugs, they also imagined what the bugs would talk about! 

Making Music with Boomwhackers

Our older Primary students have been enjoying a variety of musical activities, including body percussion and writing their own special raps. One particularly unusual activity entails making music with Boomwhackers, brightly colored instruments of varying lengths that are tuned to different pitches.  The students loved using these lightweight instruments to recreate famous pieces of music together.

Drama Challenges

Our Grade 5 students have put their performing skills on display by participating in a wide variety of drama challenges. For this project, they are creating short videos in groups to display skills they have learnt so far this school year. The students are still in the preparation stage, but check back soon to find out more!

Empathetic Artists

Grade 6 students undertook "empathetic paintings" to comprehend how prehistoric people produced art. They dabbled in finger painting bison, deer and horses with mud, and used watered-down paint to imitate primitive airbrushing. By using unorthodox materials and tools including instant coffee, water and sticks, our students gained a new appreciation for how tricky it must have been to create art in dark caves.

One-of-a-Kind Emblems

Grade 7 students have been inventing symbols that express their personality, hobbies and culture. With their symbols, they designed a coat of arms to represent themselves and their unique identities.

Drama Workshops with Juilliard

In early October our DP Theatre Arts students took part in the International Schools Theatre Association's TAPS workshop where they engaged in practical sessions. As the event was virtual this year, the experience allowed them to connect with theatre professionals from around the world. They have additional workshops coming up in November which will introduce students to the rehearsal techniques of Viewpoints and the Suzuki method.

Destination: IB DP Exhibition

From a 3D fashion design constructed with papier-mâché and chicken-wire to an exploded-view drawing of a mouse, our advanced DP art students in Grade 12 have been very busy creating pieces for their exhibition next spring. They began work on their portfolios in Grade 11, and they must present between 8-10 pieces along with explanations of the creative process. We got a sneak peek of their projects, which include sculpture, painting and the fibre arts. We can’t wait to see their entire portfolio next March!