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09 June, 2019

Outstanding Maths Achievements: Manga-High Awards at ISM

Outstanding Maths Achievements: Manga-High Awards at ISM Fourteen ISM students became world champions at a Maths competition, Fai-To. DSC_2874_hero

Fourteen ISM students became world champions at a Maths competition, Fai-To. 

At ISM, on both Krylatskaya and Rosinka campuses, we subscribe to an online maths resource called ‘Manga-High’. 

We use this as both a maths homework tool and also in certain Primary school classes: children are set tasks by their class teacher, which are very carefully differentiated. Students can also choose their own maths questions and play maths games from the Manga-High resource bank, once all of the teacher-set tasks have been completed.


There are help pages, example questions and online support, with new tests being set by the teacher every two weeks, with the resource providing data information relating to each pupil’s mathematical strengths and areas for development. 



Every term, Manga-High set additional, free online competitions for all of the schools that subscribe to the resource, to participate in. This year, Manga-High introduced a competition called Fai-To, where children had to gain points for answering a wide range of maths problems under timed conditions. There was an opportunity to solve problems relating to the four operations: decimals, fractions and percentages as well as shape and space and data handling. 

ISM started well in the competition and quickly rose up the leaderboard, gaining several thousand points. Excitement grew as we watched ourselves over the two-week competition period, earn more points and enter the top three schools in the world, before going on to take the lead. 


Out of fifty-five schools that took part, with over 40,000 pupils, ISM won first prize, thereby becoming world champions. We were sent lovely gold medals, with 14 ISM pupils also making the top twenty pupils worldwide. Well done to all the students who took part in the competition. You are mathematical superstars!

Written by Dr Tara Wilson, Maths Coordinator at Rosinka Campus