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26 February, 2020

First Maths Bee held at Rosinka

First Maths Bee held at Rosinka Our talented mathematicians from Rosinka tested their Mental Maths skills in a thrilling competition across Years 1 to 6. DSC_7717_hero

Our Rosinka students ended the half term wowing us with the fantastic mental maths skills of students from Years 1 to 6.

Our students were timed and asked challenging questions (based on the four main functions; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), which they had to answer quickly and accurately.

Not only are our Rosinka students passionate about Maths, but our staff too! So, to kick our Maths Bee off, we had a challenge between teachers, which got our students excited for the main event. Beginning with our experts in Year 6, we worked our way down to our wonderful Year 1 students before being treated to a Maths themed song. 


Our students, staff, and parents were all very impressed by the speed of our competitors and the support of their peers, waiting in tense silence while they competed then cheering loudly to celebrate each finalist. Our first ever Mental Maths Bee was a roaring success; not only an ideal way to stretch the students’ mental maths skills but also a chance to show off the phenomenal mathematicians we have at Rosinka. Our students already have their sights set on the Maths.

Written by Laura Connor, Year 4 Teacher