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News image Outdoor Link001 News | rosinka1 | Extracurricular Activities | Rosinka Campus
Upper Primary Outdoor Adventure Programme at ISM Rosinka
With the start of Term One After-School Activities, Years Five and Six have been given the opportunity to join the Monday Outdoor Adventure club. Read on to learn all about this adventurous club.
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News image Terry Fox Link001 News | rosinka1 | Rosinka Campus | Sport
The Terry Fox Run at ISM Rosinka
The Terry Fox Run is an event that is held across the whole world every September. Read on to learn about this recent event on the Rosinka campus.
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News image IMG_0139 News | rosinka1 | EYFS | Global Education | Highlights | Rosinka Campus | School Updates
Educational Visits
We are delighted to be able to offer educational visits in and around Moscow at The International School of Moscow. These visits give the children an opportunity to contextualise their learning in places like museums, galleries and attractions. In addition to this, it is a fun way for the children to grow their independence!
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News image 123_2 News | rosinka1 | Extracurricular Activities | Global Education | Highlights | Rosinka Campus
The Big Sleepover 2022
On Thursday 23rd June, 73 students and 19 teachers slept on the ISM Rosinka Campus as part of The Big Sleepover 2022. They enjoyed a whole range of activities which included Kayaking, Swimming, Cycling, Wall Climbing and a Movie Night. The students enjoyed pizza for dinner, pancakes for breakfast and they even roasted marshmallows in the Rosinka Forest!
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News image IMG_6081 News | rosinka1 | Rosinka Campus | School Events | steam
ISM Rosinka Science Week 2021
This term at the International School of Moscow Rosinka, our students have shown an enthusiastic attitude towards the challenges presented by plastic pollution.
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News image linkimage 1018 Rosinka __00187 1 News | rosinka1 | EYFS | Rosinka Campus | Student Work and Success
EYFS Continuous Provision at Rosinka
At The International School of Moscow Rosinka we have developed our own approach to revolutionising the educational process.
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News image LINKIMAGE Screenshot 20200626 at 092405 copy News | rosinka1 | Highlights | Rosinka Campus
Rosinka Family Games
Over 40 Rosinka families and 15 teachers signed up and the Games were a huge success, with some outstanding videos being shared.
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News image DSC_7764 linkimage News | rosinka1 | Rosinka Campus | School Events
Bedtime Stories: Book Day
On Thursday, 5th March, our students and staff at ISM Rosinka rolled out of bed and straight into school in their pyjamas...
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News image DSC_7721_newlink News | rosinka1 | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus | Upper Primary
First Maths Bee held at Rosinka
Our talented mathematicians from Rosinka tested their Mental Maths skills in a thrilling competition across Years 1 to 6.
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News image HERO WED News | rosinka1 | Rosinka Campus | Upper Primary
Year 1 ISM Weddings 2018
Celebrating cultural diversity is an area the Year One children have learned a lot about in the months of November and December through the Integrated Curriculum topic ‘Golden Celebrations’.
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News image DSC_7702 News | rosinka1 | Rosinka Campus
Halloween 2018
On Monday the 29th of October, witches, skeletons, monsters and many other scary creatures of the night came to visit ISM Rosinka. Halloween 2018 was celebrated in style with the whole school dressing up for the day.
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