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28 April, 2021

ISM Rosinka Victorian Day 2021: Drills and Dictation!

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ISM Rosinka Victorian Day 2021: Drills and Dictation! Recently, Year 4 travelled back in time to experience life in a Victorian school. DSC_9415

Children got a well-rounded authentic experience with costumes, various lessons from that time in history, and, of course, much fun!

As Year 4 have recently dived into the Victorian period, travelling back in time to experience a little of what life was like for a typical Victorian child. The day began with a cleanliness inspection, as well as a hair and clothing inspection. Morning routine continued with learning the essential three 'R's' (reading, writing and arithmetic). However, it was no ordinary learning experience, where students had to cope with teachers not tolerating any discussion in a classroom.

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Furthermore, teachers introduced children to a new way of writing with chalk and slates. Although it took them a while to get used to this, students thoroughly enjoyed this authentic learning experience. 

During the day, girls learned how to keep good posture and host the perfect conversation over afternoon tea, whilst the boys learned technical drawing skills. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the break when they indulged in various playground games, before doing their daily drills to stay in shape.

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Through this unique and innovative immersive experience, the children explored traditional British culture and values. The students understood how appreciative we should be of the privileges we have in today's educational setting and the wider community.