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Nord Anglia
27 October, 2021

Autumn Football Tournament on Krylatskoe Lower Campus

Autumn Football Tournament on Krylatskoe Lower Campus Lower Primary’s first ever Autumn Football Cup was an exhilarating spectacle. IMG_20211007_114846_2

Boys and girls alike from across all Primary classes vied for the opportunity to win the prestigious inaugural cup and claim a medal for the very first time.

Each class was split up into four groups, representing football powers from different corners of the globe. Argentina, Russia, South Africa and South Korea were all represented.


Throughout the week, the students defended like warriors, dribbled like Messi and displayed finesse like Ronaldo as they skilfully competed for glory. They also displayed amazing teamwork and communication skills as they willed each other to their best possible performances. Overall, there were a staggering 118 goals scored by these talented students.

There was a whirlwind of emotions that came with each match, but ultimately there could be only one overall winner. Argentina came fourth with 116 points, followed by South Korea with 132. Russia came second on 136 points, which proved to be a single, agonizing point short of South Africa’s total of 137.


Special thanks to Victoria Kulagina, one of our student councillors from 4B. She kept her campaign promise by calling a meeting with school leadership to propose this excellent tournament. We are so delighted that she did!

Congratulations to all students who participated with such energy. We are tremendously proud of all the success skills they showed off during this tournament and can’t wait for the next event.