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08 December, 2021

English Spelling Bee 2021 Finals: Magic Words

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English Spelling Bee 2021 Finals: Magic Words Recently, our Primary students successfully tackled challenging spellings, competing for the coveted trophies. _054 screenshot

Recently, our Primary students tackled challenging spellings, competing for the coveted trophies.

Kyle Powell, Year Five Teacher and English Coordinator on Upper Campus, about this year's event:

The students had been busy practising their words; they were determined to prove they were the best spellers in Years Five or Six. As we moved closer and closer to the tournament, the students could be heard on the playground, in the cloakrooms and the Lunch hall sharing their best scores. The finals drew nearer and nearer, and the level of competition grew and grew, especially after seeing some of the year Five and Six teachers attempting to set high scores with spellings! Students were tasked with beating the teachers' scores, which I am pleased to say they did! Despite only a few students managing to make it through to the final, it was wonderful to see so many students practising and developing their own spelling skills!

Upper Campus winner:

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Rebecca Tivey, Year Four Teacher and English Coordinator on ISM Rosinka campuses, about this year's event:

There was quite the buzz on the Rosinka Primary campus as our finalists began to psych themselves up to compete in the whole school final. Our six super spellers had been practising with the utmost determination and were keen to get the competition started. When the camera began rolling, their focus only intensified. Maxim, Seohyeon, Henry, Daniel, Gahyun and Derek all gave confident, calm and mature performances, which saw Rosinka win the Year Three and Year Six trophies! We would like to congratulate our Krylatskaya peers on their equally impressive performances and to thank every child who participated in the 2021 ISM Spelling Bee. 

ISM Rosinka winners:

Catherine Wright, Year One Teacher and English Coordinator on ISM Rosinka campuses, about this year's event:

The atmosphere was intense on Lower Campus as the children practised their spellings with an attitude of 'no limit.' They were even self-testing on the way up to the competition venue. The winners of the year group finals were ready and primed. Although dressed in their smart school uniforms, they carried an added mantle of expertise. 3,2,1... and they were off spelling ferociously and rising to every challenge. Double consonants- no problem, common exception words met their match! Miyu, our youngest competitor, took all challenges in her stride. Ji Won in Year Two competed virtually and was able to adapt his skills well to the situation. Kristian was clearly prepared and gave every word an excellent try, and Vova in Year 4 was self-assured and excited to meet the challenge. Lower Campus won Year One, Two and Four competitions, and all the children would like to thank their fellow ISM students at Rosinka for giving them a great challenge.

Lower Campus winners: