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29 November, 2022

Anti-Bullying Week on Lower Campus

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Anti-Bullying Week on Lower Campus Anti-Bullying Week is one of the most important weeks of the school year. This event is in line with our school’s ethos of supporting the children in growing into kind and caring individuals. Hear what happened on the Lower Campus this week. IMG_9849 1

Throughout the week, pupils had many opportunities to understand the meaning of bullying and discuss how to overcome this problem with their teachers, friends and peers.


On Lower Campus, children had the special opportunity of spending time in ‘Buddy Class’ groups. Year One students worked with Year Four students whilst Year Three students had the opportunity to work with Year Two students. These class buddy groups had the important task of discussing how to prevent bullying and they each worked on a poster or a video to show their shared understanding.


For the grand finale of Anti-Bullying Week, we also commemorated World Children’s Day. Children had the opportunity to wear blue and bring in a donation to support charity. Each of our chosen charities are in line with the UNICEF sustainable development goals. To ensure we uphold the British value of democracy, children voted for which charity they wanted their donations to go towards.

Furthermore, as an expression of their gratitude of children’s donations, many teachers agreed to a special day of ‘Teacher Tricks’. Throughout the day, children could dare their teacher to conduct a silly action once they brought in a donation. Some of the acts seen around campus were hilarious and brought laughter to children around the school!