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News image Metacognition Blog
Metacognition at LCIS
Metacognition is being aware of and taking time to analyse our thinking. Developing it builds a resilient, can-do mindset that supports general well-being.
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News image Theory of Knowledge Mathematics Blog | Secondary School
Theory of Knowledge - Mathematics and Love
Our Theory of Knowledge (ToK) students spent a day diving deeper into how we can use maths to promote diversity, inclusion, and equality. And one of their challenges involved looking at how we can use maths to help us find, and maintain, romantic love and relationships.
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News image World Children's Day - WCD 2023 Blog | | Early Years | Primary | Secondary School
Inclusion for Every Child: Celebrating World Children's Day 2023 at LCIS
World Children's Day is dedicated to raising awareness about children's rights and promoting their well-being. This year, at LCIS we focus on UNICEF Sustainable Development Goal number 10: Reduced Inequalities.
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News image News Default Image Blog | Primary
Our Holistic Learning Journey in Primary
By combining two world renowned curriculums, the English National Curriculum (ENC) for English and Maths, and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for our main topics, we are able to offer a complete education to our primary children which supports their holistic learning journey.
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News image The Lost Food Project - The Lost Food Project News | Secondary School
The Lost Food Project- Making A Difference in Today’s World

 La Côte International School is partnering with The Lost Food Project with the aims of educating more people on food waste, raising money for the organisation, and even implementing changes in our school to reduce food waste.

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News image Every day is an opportunity to learn - Learning in the moment with our Early Years children - Learning In The Moment Blog | Early Years
Learning In The Moment With Our Early Years Children
Our Early Years Foundation Stage at La Côte International School is an exciting way to transition into the school environment. A core principle of our Early Years education is to engage with your child in the moment, when they first show curiosity, to support them to the next step.
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News image How to support your child in their school transition - Supporting Transition News
How to support your child in their school transition

Starting a new school, or moving up a year group, is a transition many children – and parents – find anxiety-inducing. But with careful preparation, you can help set your child up for success, says Sandrine Pureur, Early Years specialist at La Côte International School Aubonne (LCIS).

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News image The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to Boost Your Child's Math Learning Skills at Home - Maths Learning News
The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to Boost Your Child's Math Learning Skills at Home
Math doesn't have to be just about getting the right answer. As a parent, you can help make the journey of understanding maths a fun and memorable experience for your child. Explore our guide on engaging maths games that focus on the process.
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News image Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Intelligence News
Making the Right Choice for Your Child's Education: How to Choose the Right School for Your Child in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
As a parent, when considering a school for your child in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it's crucial to actively research the school's approach and curriculum.
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News image BetterTogether_Community-at-LCIS - BetterTogether_Andy News
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - a reflection on community
"Whenever I talk about LCIS, I notice how frequently we use words like "family" and "community" to describe our school. And rightly so - these words capture the spirit we aim to promote at LCIS." says Andy Puttock, Principal at LCIS. 
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News image Flip the Script - Flip the Script News | Secondary School
Flip the Script - Advocating for the Sustainable Development Goals
In celebration of World Children's Day 2022, a select group of Nord Anglia Education students took over lessons at their schools to help their peers learn more about sustainable development and global citizenship.
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News image Harvest Lunch - Harvest Lunch News | Primary
Community links and true collaboration

Our annual Harvest Lunch is a great opportunity for our students to build meaningful connections with our local community and work together to create a true autumn celebration. 

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News image Stepping out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Stepping out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month News
Stepping out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Clair Crean, Early Years Educator and Breast Cancer Campaigner from LCIS, is counting her steps for Breast Cancer UK for a month as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the aim of helping to prevent breast cancer in others.
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News image LCIS_Sept 2021_145 News
Finding Inner Peace at LCIS
Wednesday, 21st September, marked the UN's International Day of Peace. This is a noteworthy event every year, but it seems particularly significant given the ongoing conflicts around the world, whether in distant regions or closer to home.
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News image ToK Exhibition - ToK Exhibition News | Secondary School
IB DP ToK Exhibition 2022
Parents and students from Year 10 - D1 were invited to attend our DP2 ToK (Theory of Knowledge) exhibition recently, a core part of the IB Diploma Programme.
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News image The privilege of working in schools - the-privilege-of-working-in-schools Blog
The privilege of working in schools
"There is an infectious joy and privilege about working in schools, brought about by the endless inspiration of young people, and enhanced by the pure commitment and dedication shared by teachers and parents, working in harmony to see young people flourish." says Andy Puttock, Principal of La Côte International School Aubonne (LCIS) and former Education Director at global premium education provider, Nord Anglia Education (NAE).
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News image LCIS_April 2022_190 News
Supporting a positive start to Secondary school
We strive to support a positive start to Secondary school - Find out how!
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News image Duke of Edinburgh International Award - Duke of Edinburgh International Award News | Secondary School
Duke of Edinburgh International Award
The Duke of Edinburgh's (DoE) International Award (IA) is one of the many opportunities for our students to push beyond their limits and, along the way, discover that they can achieve much more than they thought possible. 
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News image Brilliant IB Results for LCIS Class of 2022 - Brilliant IB Results for LCIS Class of 2022 News | Secondary School
Brilliant International Baccalaureate Results for LCIS Class of 2022!

Many congratulations to the La Cote International School Aubonne (LCIS) graduating class of 2022 on their excellent International Baccalaureate results.

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