10 July, 2018

100% IB Pass Rate

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Once more, our IB Diploma students have excelled. Their success bears testament to their dedication, resilience and hard work, which are the cornerstones of our school’s educational ethos. Well done to our teaching team for supporting the students through this challenging and rewarding programme: good results have been delivered consistently since our first cohort of IB Diploma graduated 4 years ago and I’m truly delighted for yet another year with 100% pass rate. It’s with immense pride that I anticipate a bright future ahead of them. Congratulations to all our graduating class of 2018 and their families: our LCIS family keeps growing and I have no doubt that Ben, Sylvia, Mila, Emma, Alicia, Issy, Lilli, Amandine, Danny, Anna-Zoé, Frazer, Victoria and Crystale will carry on flying the flag for La Côte International School
Wendy Ellis
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Well done to our graduating class of 2018 for their excellent International Baccalaureate diploma results!

For the 4th year running, LCIS diploma students have achieved an admirable 100% IB Diploma pass rate, an outstanding accomplishment compared to the world IB pass rate of 78.4%.

This year, La Côte International School IB Diploma graduates achieved an average score of 32.4, significantly above the 2018 global average of 29.8, widening the gap between ourselves and other IB schools around the world.

We are delighted to announce that our IB Diploma students have enjoyed outstanding results for the 2017/18 academic year. Our 4th cohort of IB Diploma students can be proud to have studied such an academically challenging and globally respected curriculum, and to have achieved the following:

  • an average score of 32.4, 9% higher than the IB global average
  • an impressive 100% pass rate, compared to the world IB pass rate of 78.4%
  • a bilingual IB Diploma for 2 out of 5 LCIS students

Well done to the LCIS graduating class of 2018 and all the teachers who worked alongside them for the past two years, fostering their individual talents and passion for hands-on learning, whilst at the same time laying the foundations for a very supportive academic environment.

Each of our IB Diploma students will leave LCIS with more than just a set of exams results. Our school's commitment to developing well-rounded, ambitious and caring individuals has equipped them with the values and skills that will help them both at university and in the workplace.

The entire LCIS school community offers its warmest congratulations to Sylvia, Mila, Ben, Crystale, Emma, Alicia, Issy, Lilli, Amandine, Danny, Anna-Zoé, Frazer and Victoria as they prepare to join a number of prestigious universities worldwide, including EHL (École hôtelière de Lausanne); Durham and the University of Edinburgh.

Over 160,000 students from all over the world took the IB Diploma this year. The IB’s outlook is key to our success at LCIS – allowing students to engage with the global community and to develop an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the world around them. 

Once again, bravo to our students on your hard work! We wish Ben, Sylvia, Mila, Emma, Alicia, Issy, Lilli, Amandine, Danny, Anna-Zoé, Frazer, Victoria and Crystale the very best with the next stages of their journey.

Andy Puttock, Education Director of Nord Anglia Education, said, “I am delighted by the outstanding IB diploma results achieved by our students this year. This excellent outcome is not only due to their efforts but also the incredible hard work put in by the school’s teachers throughout the year to ensure our children experience the best in learning.”

He added, “For eight consecutive years, students at Nord Anglia Education schools have exceeded the IB Diploma global average score, achieving a pass rate of 94% compared to the global average of 78.4%. This is a testament to our Be Ambitious philosophy, highlighting that there is no limit to what our students can achieve.”