04 June, 2021

Student-Led Conferences in Primary

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Student-Led Conferences in Primary Student-Led Conferences celebrate the progress and achievements of our students. Find out how!

Student-Led Conferences celebrate the progress and achievements of our students. Head of Primary, Alison Piguet, explains how!

In last week’s Student-Led Conferences, our Primary School community shared and celebrated the progress and achievements of our students, as the children presented their learning journeys via their digital learning portfolios. The feedback from parents and students highlighted the rich, active role they played in both the process and product of these conferences.

Children and their teachers really appreciated the feedback from parents. Here are a few examples from each year group, which provide a taster of the positives taken from the event.

"We are very pleased with what (our child) has achieved in Year 1. We have witnessed a huge confidence gain in him. It nice to see he is doing well in all subjects (and) the areas he needs to.. improveat which we will continue work on at home. Overall, a big thank you to all the teachers for your hard work and input in children’s daily learning, they are very much appreciated " (Year 1)

"You selected examples of your work and you took a moment to think and reflect on you work. You have identified what you do well, and what to work on. Well done! I am available for you and would be happy to help you for anything you want to work on. We already have an idea for clockwise and anti-clockwise: we could use them when driving. Good job!" (Year 2)

" Well done! Thank you for your presentation of your work in class this year! I enjoyed seeing your enthusiasm and how much you liked to work and learn new things at school, and I’m very proud of your progression. I agree with your main targets, and I know you are... very determined and ambitious..." (Year 3)

" You have reflected on what you have achieved, what you liked and most importantly on the improvements to learn more and make it better. The principles you have applied (eg: resilience, cooperation) will guide your learning path. You have shown good thinking. Well done!" (Year 4)

" We are very pleased with (our child’s) progress at school this year. (His) performance is outstanding... progress at Maths is impressive and... communication in French and English advanced massively....  the year... was happy and productive..." (Year 5)

"I have been so impressed with your learning journey this year in Year 6. You have matured and really started to take your work more seriously. You put in 100% effort into your work and really give it a go. You speak so confidently and clearly during presentations, and you are more confident explaining your work to others. Very well done and I am so proud of you. I have really enjoyed your student led conference. You have set yourself very realistic goals but have also reached many of the goals you set yourself last year. " (Year 6)

Many thanks again our parents for your collaboration this year and for really embracing this event.