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News image 8e7c9e5b79d5442b9bf19cca9d3a167e News | metlife | MET Life | Secondary School
MET IB Graduates Achieved Outstanding IB Diploma Results
We are proud to share that our 2019 graduates achieved exceptional results in this year’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP). For the 2018-2019 academic school year, MET DP graduates achieved a pass rate of 92%, significantly higher than the international average of 80%.
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News image Village_18_436 News | Juilliard | MET Life | Visual and Performing Arts
Enhancing education with the Performing Arts
Being a part of Nord Anglia Education has allowed the MET a unique opportunity to collaborate with the world's leader in performing arts education: The Juilliard School.
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News image MET18_009 News | metlife | MET Life
End of Year Message from our Head of School
Seeing the last day departure, the Move Up ceremonies and various awards given, I saw our MET students in a really good place – reflecting on a year of learning, of friendship, and of challenges mostly met.
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News image WhatsApp Image 20190429 at 122006 PM News | mit | MET Life
An interdisciplinary approach to teaching science and technology
Learn about our collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
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News image Screen Shot 20190711 at 102803 AM News | metlife | Head of School | MET Life | Secondary School
Our graduating class of 2019
Tomorrow, we hand diplomas and give appreciative applause to the MET Class of 2019.
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News image NaisMLINK Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Global Campus | Highlights
Voting for a brighter future
Nord Anglia International School Manila has developed a voters’ education program for school students that has the potential to impact the country’s youth.
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News image EricLINK Blog | globalcampus | Global Campus
The reward of well-rounded study
Nearing the end of his first year of University, Nord Anglia International School Shanghai, Pudong graduate Eric Chen shares his thoughts on how the rigor and well-rounded approach to academic study in his senior years at school prepared him well for his degree.
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News image TTDSLINK Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Highlights
Teacher Talk
David Sheehan, head of pastoral care at Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong shares why he loves his job and why teaching students core values in the classroom is just as important as developing key skills.
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News image NAESADLINK Blog | servicelearning | Global Campus | Service Learning
The impact of a shared dream
A powerful online tool is spurring students into building more robust charity and social service programs designed to create a greater, positive impact in their local communities.
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News image MUNLINK Blog | globalcampus | Global Campus
Young, mighty and globally-minded
Exposing younger students to the complexities of global issues will not only enable them to thrive in an inter-connected and multi-cultural society in the future but empower them to want to make greater positive change in the world.
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News image TTLINK Blog | globalcampus | Global Campus
Teacher Talk
NAIS Dublin’s head of primary Lisa Cannell shares how it’s a daily privilege to watch a child learn and why it’s important for young people to have an education that enriches both the mind and soul.
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News image BizLINK Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Highlights | Secondary School
They mean business
Teaching students to become entrepreneurs is empowering them with the skills and mindset to lead more successful, fulfilled lives.
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News image CreativityLINK Blog | mit | Elementary School | Global Campus | Highlights
Unleash your creativity
Creativity isn’t a trait unique to those who pursue the arts. Educators say it’s a way of thinking that leads to imaginative and unique solutions to all types of real-world problems.
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News image Camp_LINK Blog | globalcampus | Global Campus
Taking the lead
It’s not just about fun for students at our summer camps. Through different activities they learn valuable life skills such as leadership, greater self-confidence, teamwork and time management
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News image SPA_LINK Blog | Juilliard
In tune with success
Students experience both artistic and personal breakthroughs at Nord Anglia’s newly expanded Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard program.
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News image Play_LINK Blog | athletics
Playing to Learn
Focusing on play during a child’s early years education is a motivational approach that enables them to achieve greater academic success, develop lifelong skills and a positive attitude to learning.
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News image PS_LINK Blog | mit | Juilliard | University
More than a single answer
Learning has shifted from solving a problem with a single, definitive answer to identifying problems in a given situation and offering multiple, possible solutions, Nord Anglia Education, Education Director Andy Puttock says.
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News image UNI_LINK Blog | insightandadvice | Insight and Advice | University
Does it matter which university you choose?
Where you go is not who’ll you’ll be, were comments that sparked debate recently in the media and got many of us thinking, does that statement ring true for the university you choose?
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