Our family-focused early years environment is the perfect place in Manila for local and international pre-school children to learn, discover, and play. Our expert early years teachers and assistants will get to know your child, nurture their curiosity and creativity, and support their social, emotional, and academic development. This holistic approach ensures every child hits the seven key EYFS milestones. 


Our international early years curriculum

At Nord Anglia International School Manila, our pre-school children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. At this formative stage in their education, our teachers will guide your child through the seven EYFS development areas. 

Prime areas: 

Specific areas: 

The areas are interconnected and help each child develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding they need to progress into primary. 


How we learn in our international pre-school in Manila 

We know children learn best when they’re happy, engaged, and motivated, which is why we offer a wide range of opportunities that both fascinate and challenge. In our nurturing early years setting, your child will learn and grow by: 

At NAIS Manila, a typical pre-school day involves plenty of play, socialising, discussion, and reasoning, alongside storytelling, reading, basic maths, and arts and crafts. 

We make full use of our play areas and dedicated early years garden, too, which are an extension of the classroom. Your child will enjoy a variety of outdoor experiences that not only develop their movement and gross motor skills, but also connect them to the wider world. 


Building a strong relationship with our parents

You’ll play an integral role in your child’s learning. We understand that you are your child’s first educator, and we really value the relationships we build with our families. 

You’ll be invited to ‘open class’ sessions and join workshops where you’ll learn, discover, and play alongside your child. We’ll also keep you regularly updated on their progress and achievements. This will ensure your child gets the most from their learning experience.


At NAIS Manila, your child will enjoy a truly holistic education that nurtures every aspect of their growth. This provides the foundations they need to flourish, both now and in the future.

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