Offering an outstanding primary education in the Philippines, our curriculum will engage, inspire, and motivate your child. World-class teachers expand our students’ knowledge in the core subjects, providing the academic foundations they need to flourish. Your child will also enjoy exciting creative, sporting, and technological opportunities beyond the classroom.

Our primary school curriculum 

Our primary students (ages 5 to 11) follow the National Curriculum for England. 

Adapted to our primary school context in the Philippines, the curriculum provides a strong academic foundation, as well as offering new and exciting learning experiences. Lessons are lively, fun, and challenging, encouraging our students to solve problems and think critically.  

While core subjects such as English, maths, and ICT form a central part of our Year 1-6 students’ education, our integrated curriculum includes themes and topics that span science, geography, history, art and design, and STEAM projects. In Years 5 and 6, our students follow an extended timetable, which includes drama and dance as part of our Juilliard collaboration, as well as opportunities for cross-phase projects alongside children in Year 7. This helps them to prepare for secondary.  

Learning a second language is an important part of our primary education, bringing many academic, personal, and cultural benefits. Everyone is encouraged to join a sports team, learn a musical instrument, take part in a performance, and sign-up for one of our enrichment lessons, too. This ensures our students enjoy a broad and balanced education, which enables them to discover their talents and explore different interests.


A primary school environment that inspires 

In dedicated primary classrooms and learning spaces, our teachers create an inclusive atmosphere that supports the holistic development of each child. Your child will learn in small class sizes with a low teacher-student ratio, which ensures they receive the very best care and attention. 

Our students quickly learn the importance of academic achievement, but they’re also encouraged to take a broader view of success. From an early age, we encourage our children to contribute to our community, pursue their creative, sporting, and academic passions, and celebrate their own and others’ successes.


At Nord Anglia International School Manila, your child will enjoy a truly holistic education that nurtures every aspect of their growth. This provides the foundations they need to flourish, both now and in the future.

Student in Cap and Gown graphic