Our enrichment programme offers a myriad of opportunities for students to do what they love, try something new, and take control of their learning experience.


Our students love learning beyond the classroom. Your child will choose two enrichment activities per term, balancing sports and physical activity with one of our creative or intellectually challenging programmes.
NAIS Manila Extra Curricular activities sport
Physical activity
When children take part in sports and outdoor activity, they develop lifelong healthy habits that keep them mentally and physically fit. They also learn the importance of a balanced diet and the fundamentals of positive wellbeing.
NAIS Manila Extra Curricular activities
Many activities provide an outlet for creativity and problem-solving. These include arts and crafts, music, and the performing arts, as well as sports.
NAIS Manila Extra Curricular activities
Rest and recharge
We offer a selection of activities that take place in a relaxing, calming environment, including those that help our students to deal with stress. The more we can find positive ways to build resilience and bounce-back from challenges, the better we feel.
NAIS Manila student swimming
Building confidence
When children learn new skills and engage in social activities, they become increasingly self-confident. Developing skills like cooperation, negotiation, and conflict resolution in a fun, relaxed environment sets our students up for success, both now and in the future.
NAIS Manila  extra curricular activities team spirit
Team spirit
Team sports give our children the opportunity to work together to achieve a common goal. Other activities, like drama and dance, also promote collaboration and cooperation, and encourage mutual respect.