At Nord Anglia International School Manila, learning is for everyone. We're proud to be an inclusive school that offers personalised opportunities and programmes that enable every student to succeed.

Our learning support programmes

At Nord Anglia International School Manila, we consider each student on an individual basis. If the school believes that Learning Support is necessary as a condition to accept the student, the admissions team, in collaboration with the LS Coordinator, may request for further assessment information, may interview the parent and/or the student, and may contact the previous school. Other people involved in the admissions process also include the School Principal, Head of Secondary, Head of Primary, Heads of Department as necessary.

Special educational needs and disability paperwork such as assessment reports, school reports, recent and previous individual education plans or learning plans (IEPs/LPs),  are passed on to the admissions team by the parents as soon as possible or available. NAIS Manila uses this shared information to determine if the current program will meet the student’s needs and to decide which particular LS stage and pathway the student will be placed under as part of the acceptance into NAIS Manila.

In addition to this, if the student’s first language is not English and has or might have challenges in the speaking, listening, reading or writing in English as well as accessing the curriculum, which is taught in the English language, the EAL teacher should be notified by Admissions to determine eligibility of support upon entry.

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Learning support STAGES

There are four tiers of support services offered by NAIS Manila, which have an additional fee. (Please refer to the current Schedule of Fees). 

An individual education plan will be put in place for students in LS Stage 1, 2 or 3 and will be reviewed annually or biannually and will be implemented within the regular class to the greatest extent possible.

If the additional services required to support students in a specific LS stage, an individual support teacher (IST), who is hired directly by the parents, may be needed to allow the student to access the curriculum. This is an additional expense to the parent.


High-quality teaching and classroom strategies in place, teaching assistant support as applicable, and LS consultation as necessary are provided for students in this stage, who are usually seen as thriving in school even though they have additional needs or learning disabilities to consider. There is no charge for this stage.

This level of support is for students who need further accommodations or alternatives to the curriculum content to thrive in a supported alternative learning environment. Modifications to the timetable are and access arrangements for exams are put in place where appropriate.
This level of support is for students who need further accommodations or alternatives to the curriculum content to thrive in a supported alternative learning environment. Modifications to the timetable are and access arrangements for exams are put in place where appropriate.
This level of support will require a one on one individual support teacher in order to put extensive personalised support in place, including regular reviews of recommendations from external professionals.


NAIS Manila adheres to testing accommodations and adjustments for candidates with disabilities and learning difficulties by following the guidelines presented by the following exam boards:



NAIS Manila is a registered ASDAN Registered Centre offering the following programmes:

  • Short Courses
  • International Awards Programs,
  • Transition to Adulthood program and
  • Lifeskills Challenge.


  • Yolanda Quintero, MA Psychology, MEd, MPP, ALT.

    NAIS Manila works hand-in-hand with external professionals such as special education managers, speech therapists, occupational therapists and the like in order to holistically support our students with additional needs.

    One consultant we are working with is Yolanda Quintero, MA Psychology, MEd, MPP, ALT.

    Yolanda is a Dyslexia Specialist and Academic Language Therapist trained at the Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center – ASDEC in the US. She offers individualized and intensive reading remediation through multisensory instruction in reading, writing, and spelling. With a background in psychology, pedagogy, and education public policy, Mrs. Quintero has a broad perspective on reading instruction as well as an in-depth knowledge of reading intervention and remediation. Her experience has benefited from work in the US, Colombia, Pakistan, and the Philippines. She brings a compassionate view of reading difficulties.

    External professional support fees are handled by parents directly.

  • SENIA Manila Chapter

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    NAIS Manila is a part of SENIA Manila Chapter, a community of local and international schools in Metro Manila who advocate for individuals with special educational needs. It is under the Special Educational Network and Inclusion Association (SENIA) International.


  • In Touch Community Services

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    In Touch Community Services is a leading provider of Mental Health Services in the Philippines. Established in 1980, it is a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to promoting mental health and offering care and treatment to persons suffering from mental and emotional distress. [They] are specialists in the cross-cultural delivery of these services, and in delivery through Employee Assistance Programs.”