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16 June, 2021

Primary School delivers impressive End of Year Assessment Results

Primary School delivers impressive End of Year Assessment Results NAIS Manila Primary School End of Year Results continues to exceed the previous year's and the UK Average.

At NAIS Manila we have a robust Assessment Cycle that provides good quality whole class data. Due to being in virtual schooling for such a long time, it was decided to have classes complete online tests at the start and end of the year. This was to better ensure all students are making progress and to prove the effectiveness of our Virtual School Experience


The results speak for themselves and we couldn’t be prouder! 

Take for example these first charts which show how Year 6 performed in Maths at the start of the school year:

As the test was done at the beginning of the academic year, it is no wonder that they are not up to the national average yet (as they hadn’t covered most of the material).

Then take a look at these second set of graphs which shows how students performed at the end of the year:

This demonstrates the amazing progress students make at NAIS Manila. Though of course, we don’t just teach children to become good at taking tests. As well as acquiring knowledge we want them to gain skills that will help them throughout the course of their lives.

I have watched many lessons that flip the idea of the traditional classroom by having students present to their teachers and peers. The way that students speak so confidently is a delight to watch and shows how interpersonal skills have developed despite the lockdown. Students have shown amazing respect for each other through active listening skills and supportive messages, demonstrated a great attitude to learning and, above all things, shown incredible ambition to be the best they can be.

We couldn’t be happier with our students and those supportive parents who have helped them persevere and achieve excellent results.

Key Takeaways

  • Comparing our Baseline and End of Year data, it is clear that every single class in Primary has made excellent progress (see graph below). This is all the more impressive given we have been in virtual schooling for an entire year.
  • Our End of Year GL data shows that all classes are working above the UK National Average in English and Maths.
  • Our Year 6 Science results show students are working above the UK national average in Biology and Physics. In Chemistry they are already meeting the expected standard.
  • The data has identified many strengths and a few development areas that we focus on next year.
  • Despite challenging circumstances, NAIS Manila Primary students continue to excel in all subject areas.

Authored by:

Staff Org Chart_Primary Jeremy Hickman RGB

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