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11 December, 2023

From Passion to Performance: NAIS Manila’s Role in Nurturing Young Artists

NAIS Manila Vocal Group

In a captivating showcase of talent and holiday cheer, NAISM students took centre stage at the recent Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at the Parqal Mall. The “Carols at the Parq” event echoed with melodies and performances that not only spread festive joy but also highlighted the profound impact of performing arts on student growth and development.


The arts play an integral role in nurturing well-rounded individuals. Through music, drama, and performance, students acquire valuable skills beyond the classroom. These creative endeavours foster teamwork, discipline, and self-expression, building a foundation for holistic development.

My-leen Formento, Music and Drama teacher, said, “It was the first major public event the NAISM Vocal Group participated in. I knew pursuing it presented a lot of challenges, including having to organise it during the busiest time of the year. Mr. Dinler and I had to attend numerous meetings with Parqal’s marketing team to ensure that NAISM’s participation in the event would happen and that our talented students would benefit significantly from the momentous experience. The students had to rehearse several times during the week to develop their confidence in performing on stage and their mastery of the lyrics and melodies.

As expected, all their hard work paid off that beautiful evening on stage when everyone heard our secondary and primary students’ voices in harmonious collaboration. Such was the clear result of the commitment they displayed during rehearsals.”



The ability to confidently express oneself is a skill that transcends the stage. By nurturing young performers, NAISM empowers students to become confident individuals prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Whether they pursue careers in the arts, sciences, business, or any other field, the confidence instilled through performing arts equips them to navigate life's complexities with poise and assurance.

“Performing arts play a critical role in our holistic curriculum; they allow children to develop the'soft skills’ that are so hard to teach in the traditional classroom. At NAIS Manila, this is enhanced through our collaboration with the Juilliard School of Performing Arts," said Chris Pooley, Principal.



NAISM's commitment to a holistic educational approach is evident in its promotion of performing arts alongside academic excellence. Recognising that success encompasses more than academic achievements, the school fosters an environment where students can explore diverse interests and talents.

Through our series of performances this month, NAISM demonstrates its dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals. The integration of performing arts into the curriculum encourages creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability—essential skills for success in an ever-evolving world.