Regional Conference in Hanoi-Regional Conference in Hanoi-Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
11 March, 2024

NAIS Manila teachers will join the world’s best to explore the future of education

Regional Conference in Hanoi-Regional Conference in Hanoi-NAE Conference in Hanoi
NAIS Manila will meet with the most outstanding minds in education, at a global Nord Anglia Education conference in Vietnam.

Hosted by Nord Anglia Education schools, the British International School Hanoi and the British Vietnamese International School Hanoi, world-leading education experts will discuss the exciting future of education, including how to enhance the educational journey for children using AI in education.


Regional Conference in Hanoi-Regional Conference in Hanoi-Nord Anglia International School Manila

Principal from NAIS Manila, Chris Pooley, emphasised the importance of global learning and teaching collaborations, to ensure children continue to experience an outstanding education that prepares them to thrive in life.


“To have over 200 educators, in one place focused on teaching and learning was both powerful and inspirational. Being part of the Nord Anglia Education family of schools allows us to be better for our students We encourage and inspire each other to achieve more for our students than we ever thought possible. We have a common language, goals and values. This event has created opportunities for our leading academics to return to the classroom energised and to pursue new ideas and cutting-edge research.”


Special guest, Nord Anglia Education Chief Education Officer Elise Ecoff will also join from the United Kingdom, to discuss to share pioneering developments in Nord Anglia-led digital research and advancements, and AI in education – how they’ll all work together to create an enriching foundation for children in Vietnam.


Other guest education innovators will meet with parents, students and the wider Hanoi community to share best practice, exciting new research and innovation in education.

 Regional Conference in Hanoi-Regional Conference in Hanoi-Nord Anglia International School Manila

Daniel Guiney, Secondary Coordinator and Head of Humanities at NAIS Manila said a Nord Anglia Education conference is unlike any other learning and teaching conference in the world.


There’s an old saying that you wouldn’t want to visit a Doctor who didn’t read up on the latest medical findings. The same goes for education and I’m really proud to work for an organisation that places continuing professional development at its core. It was great to lead another workshop to so many dedicated education professionals across the world and to sharpen my pedagogy in so doing.” Daniel Guiney said.