Your child's health, happiness, and wellbeing come first at NAIS Manila. We create a positive, nurturing environment where students feel safe, valued, and engaged in learning.

Pastoral care at NAIS Manila

At NAIS Manila, we make sure every child has the expert care and attention they need to floruish.

Our Pastoral Care Department leads the way, helping students who, for example, may be experiencing challenges at home or in school, finding work too difficult, or perhaps missing friends and family abroad. A teacher will identify this and record their concerns using a confidential and secure concerns log. Our concerns log allows the Pastoral Care Leader to see the frequency of different types of issues, identify triggers, and keep track of students who need assistance.

This information is then used to implement restorative actions that mitigate future issues, find solutions to problems in which everyone involved can learn and grow from the experience, or create management plans for ongoing issues.

The main aim is to restore a positive sense of wellbeing to those affected, while healing and developing relationships in the school community.


Physical health and wellbeing

In addition to Pastoral Care, we also ensure our students' physical health is cared for. We have an excellent on-site catering company who provides daily nutritious and healthy lunches. We even have our own nutritionist to help children develop a healthy eating regime.

As well as PE lessons, the school day is structured so that students have enough free time to run around and play outside. Students are also encouraged to take part in one physical activity during their enrichment lessons or after-school clubs.