• We are Unique

    An American school with an international community in Houston.

    Happy child at play

  • We are Engaged

    Our teachers inspire, stimulate, and lead.

    Our teachers engage with our students

  • We are STEAM

    Prepared to succeed in the finest colleges, universities and beyond.

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  • We are Champions

    Fostering a love of learning.

    We are Champions

  • We are Competitive

    Building confidence, teamwork, and wellness

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  • We are Connected

    Striving to create, express, and shine.

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  • We are Home

    A truly immersive learning experience. Currently accepting boarding applications for the 2017-18 school year. Limited placements available.

    Village residential life students enjoy trips off campus

  • We are Village. Are you?

    Rigorous. Inspired. Innovative. Ready.

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The Committees

1. GA Plenary

Topic A: The Evolution of Nuclear Terrorism
Topic B: The Proliferation of Cyber Terrorism


Topic A: Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation
​Topic B: The International Dissemination of Chemical Warfare


Topic A: The Rise in Illicit Black Market Activities
​Topic B: The Emergence of Boko Haram

4. Security Council

Topic A: North Korea: Evaluating Human Rights and the Threat of Nuclear War


Topic A: Technological Developments in the Military Industry
​Topic B: Globalization and its Influence on Global Conflict


Topic A: World War Two: Hiroshima and Nagasaki