Our Middle School students enjoy various educational trips throughout the year, going beyond the classroom.
Class Trips

The 5th grade takes a trip to Forest Glen and stays overnight. They conduct hands-on science experiments, go on animal plant identification hikes, perform team building exercises, and learn about orienteering and the environment .

Our 6th grade students experience four days of outdoor education at Camp Eagle. Students challenge themselves as they negotiate rope lines, climb rock walls, jump from the courage pole, and strengthen friendships as they float in the lake, roast marshmallows, or just lie and look at the starry sky together.

Our 7th grade students visit Boston, where the people and places they have read about in their history books come alive: Plymouth Plantation and the Mayflower, Lexington and Concord, Paul Revere’s Church, Betsy Ross’ Home, Salem and the locations of the witch trials, Boston Harbor, and more.

In the 8th Grade, students visit Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, where the people and places they have learned about in American history come alive: the Holocaust Memorial Museum, Mt. Vernon, WWII Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, Gettysburg Battlefield, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and more.