Boarding at The Village School

Key Facts
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At our private boarding school in Houston, Texas, your child will receive the best care, resources, and services in our international learning environment.
  • 7-day boarding for full-time, on-campus students
  • 5-day boarding for students with family in the area
  • 24/7 security with surveillance and gated entry access
  • Trusted relationships with experienced adult staff members who live in-residence
  • Access to state-of-the-art athletics center and natatorium
  • Opportunities to bond and build lifelong friendships with a mix of students from the US and all over the world
  • Thrilling ways to discover local American culture and destinations
  • A supportive, diverse, and collaborative family that feels more like home than school
Leonardo Medina
Boarding School in Houston | The Village School - Feature Quote - US schools
Making the choice to study abroad as a Residential Life student at The Village School is more than just an academic opportunity. It gave me a chance to find students from across the globe who form part of my new family which accept and support me to become 1% better every single day.”
Leonardo Medina Falcon
11th Grade Boarding Student from Mexico


The Village School’s Residential Life program offers a structured, consistent, and friendly home, nurturing our boarding students to develop into young adults with a mature sense of responsibility and commitment to their academic rigor.

Our experienced staff members support our students daily, including their social and emotional well-being.

Parents have open communication with Residential Life staff and may reach a member of the team at any time. To ensure your child’s safety and wellness, we have top-line professional security as well as access to registered nurses, school counselors, and outside physicians for health needs.


Whether it’s an encouraging smile, time to listen or share, or useful advice, our Residential Life team always helps our students feel at home.
Randy Noll
Director of Residential Life
Randy Noll started working at The Village School in 2019. He is the Director of the Residential Life Program and has worked in education for 35 years. He published two Christian children's books, played soccer both collegiately and professionally, and has accumulated over 300 wins as a high school varsity soccer coach. Randy loves to fish, play cards, is an avid Texans and Astros fan, and likes to make people laugh!
adil sheikh
12th Grade Year Group Leader
Adil (Al) Sheikh began working at The Village School in 2013. He currently serves as the 12th grade Year Group Leader. Al also spearheads our College Readiness Program and serves as an Academic Advisor/Tutor and a Judicial Committee Coordinator. He is originally from Houston and earned his degree from the University of Texas at Dallas.
jimy tran
11th Grade Year Group Leader
Jimmy Tran has been with the Residential Life program since 2014. He is a Houston native and enjoys working with all our Residential Life students while experiencing their culture and watching them grow into productive young adults. He is currently the 11th Grade Year Group Leader.
Miceal Thomas
10th Grade Year Group Leader
Mic'eal Thomas started working at The Village School in August 2018. He is currently the 10th grade Year Group Leader. Mic’eal earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and his Master of Social Work degree from the University of Houston. He is originally from San Francisco, California.
Baikal Hong
Middle School and 9th Grade Year Group Leader
Baikal (Jae) Hong started working at The Village School in May 2016. He is currently the Middle School and 9th Grade Year Group Leader. Jae is a Houston native who earned his degree from the University of Houston. He also serves as a Judicial Committee Coordinator for our Residential Life students.
tina garcea
Residential Life Coordinator
Tina Garcea started working at The Village School in 2012.  She is currently the Residential Life Coordinator. Tina is originally from Ohio and earned her degree from the University of Akron. 
elsi garcia
SEVIS Compliance Administrator and Residential Life Liaison
Elsi Garcia joined Village in 2013. She serves as Village’s SEVIS Administrator, our Primary Designated School Official (PDSO) and is the point of contact for United States government school-certified F1 program matters. Elsi previously held the positions of High School and Middle School receptionist, as well as Residential Life Coordinator. Elsi is originally from Olomega, El Salvador.
Natalie Goodwin_1
Boarding Admissions Manager
Natalie Goodwin-Cantwell started working at The Village School as an IB History Teacher in August 2018.  During this time, she assisted the Residential Life Department as a Residential Life Parent. In May 2021 she became the Boarding Admissions Manager. She is originally from Boston, Massachusetts. 


Every day, the safe and secure environment at The Village School gives each student the ideal space to accelerate towards their goals and reach their full potential. 
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Morning Breakfast
Residential Life students begin with a full breakfast in the cafeteria. They choose from a wide variety of food options as they converse with roommates and friends.
Boarding School in Houston | The Village School - Visual Time Line Image And Text - US schools-dot arch Boarding School in Houston | The Village School - Visual Time Line Image And Text - US schools-dot arch
7:00 am
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Daily Classes
Classes begin! Each student’s personal class schedule may take them across five different buildings on campus, ending at 3:35 pm or 2:35 pm each day. 
8:10 AM
7- Cafeteria
Back to the cafeteria to catch up with friends and refuel. All Village students choose from several warm entrees, a full salad bar, and a deli bar. They’ll gather within our spacious indoor dining or take their lunch to their favorite outdoor areas.
12:00 pM
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After-School Clubs and Activities
With more than 80 student clubs and organizations, as well as athletics and arts activities, our students are active and continue their learning beyond the classroom. They develop warm friendships with classmates sharing the common interests. 
3:35 pm
Prep Time
No matter how busy our students are, academics take a front row seat, as we always commit to homework and study goals. Between 7:00pm and 9:00pm, students take advantage of time to study together or extra help through tutorials.

7:00 pm
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Night-time Activities
Residential Life students return to the dorm by 10:00 pm and prepare for “lights out.” They’ll make a snack in the kitchen on their floor, straighten up their room, and get their uniform ready for tomorrow.
10:00 pm


Every evening, Residential Life students have dinner together, buffet style, with our Director of Residential Life, Dorm Parents, and other members of the team. We accommodate a wide range of dietary needs with our global cuisine.
Hs Cafeteria copy (1)


To generate memorable experiences and opportunities to build strong friendships, Residential Life students enjoy a rich social life during weekend excursions to museums, state parks, movies, and local points of interest!
Past outings and trips have included
  • Deep-sea fishing in Galveston
  • Visiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • Sporting events from the Houston Rockets, Astros, Dynamo, and Texans
  • Visiting the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida
  • Skiing in Taos, New Mexico
  • Touring Washington, D.C. and New York City
  • Exploring Disney World and Disney Land
Activities And Trips


  • Where will I be living?
    The dorm building is on campus. The address is:
    13051 Whittington Drive, Building F, Houston, TX 77077.
  • Will I have roommates?
    All Residential Life students have roommates. There are two students in each bedroom. Each suite includes four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a study space.
  • Can I inquire about the fees for boarding?
    Please visit the Boarding fees page for more information.
  • How are roommates assigned?
    We assign roommates based on gender, grade, and interests.
  • Where will I eat my meals?
    During the school week, all meals are served in the cafeteria on campus at assigned mealtimes.

    On the weekend, meals on campus are optional.

    Students may choose to purchase additional food and beverage items for sale at the cafeteria or campus store and charge the cost to their student accounts. The account balance is billed monthly to the family.
  • May I leave campus on the weekend?
    Students may leave campus under the direct supervision of family members or friends with the permission of their parent and/or guardian. We may require special documentation and completed weekend leave forms prior to your departure.
  • What do we do during school holidays?
    The Village School offers chaperoned trips for Residential Life students during Thanksgiving and Spring Break. 

    During winter break, the dorm closes, and students must go home or visit an approved friend or family member.
  • Is there anyone I can talk to if I am having personal problems?
    Students can speak to their assigned Year Group Leader or any of the Residential Life or school staff members. For serious issues, students may visit Village’s social emotional counselors.
  • What will the school provide for me?

    We will provide the following items upon your arrival:

    • School uniform
    • Bed linens
    • Washcloth and bath towel
    • Bedroom furniture
    • SIM card for cell phone
    • Laundry bag
    • Food storage container
  • Where should my parents stay when they come to visit me?

    The Houston area has many wonderful hotels. We recommend the following hotels close to our school:

    • Omni Houston Hotel Westside
      o Address: 13210 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX, 77079
      o Phone: +1 281 558 8338

    • Holiday Inn Houston West Energy Corridor
      o Address: 1112 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077
      o Phone: +1 281 679 6900

    • Staybridge Suites Houston West
      o Address: 1225 Eldridge Enclave Parkway, Houston, TX 77077
      o Phone: +1 281 759 7829

Boarding Application Process and Fees

Interested in applying to become a part of our Residential Life family? As part of our Boarding Admissions Process, our admissions committee carefully reviews each application to ensure all our students have the qualifications needed for success at The Village School.

Full-time boarding fees are all inclusive and cover your child’s room, meals, academic and personal advising, athletic facilities, local trips, and more.
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Get a sense of what it’s like on our campus and how your child will immediately connect with our warm, friendly, international community.