Once classes have ended for the week, students enjoy a rich weekend social life through participation in a variety of weekend activity offerings.

Weekend programs include excursions to museums, state parks, movies, and local points of interest that allow students to experience the community and culture around the school. Outings are planned to align with interest and provide an engaging opportunity for students to interact with their classmates, socialize, pursue personal interests, and make friendships that span the globe and last a lifetime.

Day and weekend trips include deep-sea fishing in Galveston, horseback riding, visiting NASA, taking in exhibits at museums like the Houston Museum of Natural Science, going to art festivals across the city, and enjoying some sporting events from the Houston Astros, Dynamo, Houston Texans, and the Rockets.

In addition to the annual class trips offered for both day and residential students (such as to Puerto Rico, the Grand Canyon, and Big Bend), our residential students are also provided with other off-campus opportunities, such as: 

Our focus on cross-cultural friendships and digital connectedness across the continents creates the foundation for exciting field trips, extensive travel opportunities, and international experiences.