We welcome families into our community from across the world. Our students can learn from world-class teachers, take part in exceptional learning experiences, and develop a global perspective they will carry with them throughout their lives.


Tuition for Day Students 2023-2024

Program/Grade Amount
Pre-K2 $18,800
Pre-K3 $21,600
Pre-K4 $24,100
Kindergarten $26,250
Grade 1 $26,250
Grade 2 $26,250
Grade 3 $26,250
Grade 4 $26,250
Grade 5 $28,500
Grade 6 $29,250
Grade 7 $29,250
Grade 8 $29,250
Grade 9 $30,500
Grade 10 $30,500
Grade 11 $30,500
Grade 12 $30,500


The deposit of $2,000 is applied towards tuition.

High School Students in grades 9 to 12 are required to purchase books.

We offer additional services and after-school programs for additional fees.


Additional Costs

 Curriculum Enhancement
Program/Grade Amount
Grade 4 $425
Grade 5 $750
Grade 6 $975
Grade 7 - 8 $2,400
Grade 9 - 11 $2,300
Grade 12 $1,300


Additional Amount
Building Fee $1,000
Enrollment Fee $475
Technology Fee *(Grade 1 - 4 only) $300
Technology Fee *(Grade 5 - 12 only) $400
Graduation Fee *(Grade 12 only) $1,150


Specialty Programs Amount
IB Diploma $1,500
Entrepreneurship Diploma $1,200
Pre-Medical Science $1,000


The Village School offers three payment plans:


Boarding Fees

We offer a premium quality 7-day boarding program for full-time, on-campus students and a 5-day boarding program for students with family in the greater Houston area.  Boarding fees include room, board, tuition, meals, health insurance, laundry service, academic and personal advising, full access to athletic facilities, and more.
Learn more about Residential life fees.


Financial Aid

The Village School accepts students on a “need-blind” basis. We believe that tuition expenses should not be an impediment to enrollment. Through funds specifically set-aside within the school’s operating budget, The Village School offers financial aid to families who could not otherwise afford to enroll their children at Village. Village does not grant academic, athletic, fine arts, or any special interest scholarships.  

Financial aid decisions are not based solely on income, as many factors can determine a family’s ability to pay. The Village School partners with School & Student Services (SSS) though the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to guide us in awarding financial aid for students in 6th grade and above. All aid is based on demonstrated financial need, and parents of candidates must provide confidential financial statements in their applications. All financial aid information is held in the strictest confidence.


How to Apply for Financial Aid

All applications for Financial Aid must be completed and submitted through our partners: the School & Student Services (SSS) of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

Families initiate a financial aid application by completing the online Financial Aid application for SSS. 

The Village School's SSS school code is 900707. 

For new Village candidates, please follow the instructions on the SSS website to complete the process. 

For returning Village families, please follow the instructions on the SSS website to complete the application process by April 1st. Current Village families must re-apply annually for financial aid.  

SSS will process your application and provide a recommendation to our Financial Aid Committee, who are responsible make final determinations. The school's financial resources limit both the number and size of Village's financial aid grants. Timely application and attentiveness to the application procedures are essential. Late applications and supporting documents may not be considered by committee.

In the administration of its financial aid program, The Village School adheres to the Principles of Good Practice of NAIS member schools. 

SSS website

NAIS website


Further Information

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact The Village School Business Office.

Phone: 281-496-7900, option 3.