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Our COVID-19 Measures

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On this page you can find out all the latest information about the measures that we have put in place to protect our community from COVID-19.

These measures have been developed based on the directives and guidance of:

  • The Spanish Ministry of Health
  • Madrid’s Ministry of Health
  • Madrid’s Ministry of Education
  • Ms Elena Martínez, ICS Head Nurse
  • Best practice shared by our Nord Anglia sister schools


Last updated: 3 September 2020, 3 pm (we recommend refreshing your page to check for updates):

Please take a look at our Nurse's Office Protocol to discover how we will handle visits to the Nurse’s office during this time.

The measures in place:
Health and Hygiene

Nurse’s Station, Cleaning and Disinfection, Personal Hygiene and Bathroom Use

Nurse’s Station

Cleaning and Disinfection

  • The school and classrooms will be resourced with hand sanitizers, and a cleaning set including towel papers and disinfectant sprays; classroom ventilation/doors will be opened; classrooms and common areas will be cleaned and disinfected with increased frequency and according to a set of tasks. 
  • A special cleaning protocol with be in operation for specialist rooms such as Arts, Design, Science and PHE.

Personal Hygiene

  • All employees will wear masks when they are in contact with children.
  • Children will be screened for temperatures at specific times in the school day and will be required to use masks when social distancing is not available. They will also need to disinfect/wash their hands regularly during the school day.
  • Signage will ensure the flow of personnel through the school is kept to a minimum and ensure social distancing rules are met. Posters and reminders will be placed around the school.
  • A one-way system inside school will be set up, with signs on the floor and walls.

Bathroom use

  • Access to the toilets will be controlled and limited, with distance signs marked on floor. One student; one cubicle. 

Within the School

Classroom Set Up, Classroom Protocols, Adapting the School Site, Managing Flow around the School and IT

Classroom Set Up

  • Our classrooms will be adapted to allow for a currently assumed social distancing scenario of 1.5 meters, which will determine a maximum class size.
  • Carpets and all objects difficult to clean will be removed.
  • Where necessary transparent shields will be used to separate desks.

Classroom Protocols Classroom Set Up

  • A daily procedure will be established for each classroom detailing how to enter and leave it and who is responsible for any cleaning.
  • Strict limits will be placed on the use and sharing of toys, materials and resources.
  • Desks will be arranged in such a way as to ensure social distancing rules are met.
  • Any unnecessary furniture will be removed to maximize space.

Adapting the School Site

  • Common spaces, including the Library and Farhangi Hall, will be taken over for use as classrooms.
  • Rooms for teaching will be determined by the social distancing requirements and student numbers. 
  • Specialist rooms will continue to be used for their original purpose.

Managing Flow around the School

  • The flow of people around the campus will be strictly managed to avoid contact and to ensure that correct distance is maintained at all times.
  • Floor stickers and signage will impose a one-way system together with spacing to encourage students to keep their distance.


  • In order to maintain an effective educational programme which may include the simultaneous use of virtual learning, additional training will be provided for staff. This will include the use of microphone installation for the recording of classes where necessary.
  • Use of our digital learning platforms will continue together with video conference when and if required.


  • We will reinforce the use of digital learning, minimising the use of personal equipment. 
Managing Health Outside of School

Monitoring Child's Health and Following Government Guidelines

Monitoring Child’s Health

  • Parents are asked to monitor their child’s health closely. If a child has a fever and/or any other Covid-19 symptom, he/she CANNOT go to School and parents should seek urgent and immediate medical advice and inform the Nurse’s Office.

Following Government Guidelines

  • Parents will be asked to continue to follow government guidelines regarding the ‘new normal’ as well as the regular communications provided by school. 
  • The use of face masks, hand washing and physical distancing will be required when in general circulation outside the school.
Need to know:
Campus Protocols

Buses, Drop-off/Pick-up and Visiting the Campus


  • Temperature screening will be in operation upon entering the bus. 
  • Children, the bus monitor and the bus driver will wear their masks at all times.
  • When the bus arrives at school, the bus monitor will dismiss the students one by one and hand sanitizer will be dispensed. This will be modified as necessary to comply with public transportation requirements.
  • The bus company has adapted all the necessary checks and health and safety protocols and any additional questions should be directed to Cartour icstransport@cartour.es / 917761012

Drop-off and Pick-up

  • The school will detail a staggered or timed entrance and drop-off procedure before the start of the new school year. To begin with, parents will not be allowed on the school campus and where possible all appointments will take place virtually.
  • Entrance Protocol: All personnel and students will follow an entrance protocol involving the disinfection of hands and temperature screening.
  • As with entrance and drop-off there will be an exit and pick up protocol to minimize large gatherings and to maintain social distancing.

Visiting the Campus

  • All visitors must wear masks whilst on campus.
  • Anyone with any COVID-19 symptoms cannot come to the campus.
  • We ask that all hygiene measures, including frequent hand washing/sanitising, are followed.
Our School Day

Cafeteria, Break Protocols, Extracurricular Activities, Events and Trips


  • Lunch will be staggered and meals will be served plated and covered.
  • A more limited choice of menu will be in operation during the period of enhanced hygiene requirements.
  • In the Primary School we may need to serve some lunches in the classrooms.

Break Protocols

  • Each school section will establish break protocols to maintain social distancing and restrict movement. This will also involve the washing of hands before break, use of masks and the disinfection of surfaces prior and after play.
  • Contact sports will not be allowed.
  • Each student will carry their own personal water bottle and supervision will be more active.
  • The water fountains will be unavailable to begin with. 

Extracurricular Activities

  • A full programme will be offered, except where contact is required. These contact sports will be adapted or will be replaced with alternative options.
  • In the case of more restrictive social distancing requirements we may need to offer a reduced programme temporarily to meet the health and safety requirements.

Events and Trips

  • Decisions about school events and school trips and visits will be taken after a full health and hygiene risk analysis is completed. These decisions will therefore depend upon the evolution of the outbreak and the development of a vaccine. Our programme may need to be modified to mitigate these risks.
Our Virtual School Experience

We are ready and equipped to continue inspiring students with innovative lessons, unique learning opportunities and high-quality teaching as part of our blended learning approach.

Striking the right balance between on and offline learning time allows students to make the most of personalised learning from home.

Discover more about our Virtual School Experience.


We have prepared for four different scenarios, and our extensive planning for each of these situations means we will be prepared for whichever of these is required by the local authorities:

  1. Mix of face-to-face and virtual learning
  • In this hybrid scenario, the maximum number of students who can be in a class or in school would be restricted. This will mean that our Virtual School Experience will need to continue in some form and will take place at the same time as we offer face-to-face (F2F) classes.
  1. Full return to school as normal but with social distancing restraints
  • If the social distancing rules are relaxed in such a way that we are able to return to school without the need to continue with our Virtual School Experience, we will then need to organise our programme and school site so that class sizes do not go beyond the government mandated maximum.
  1. Full return to school as normal without social distancing restraints
  • This ‘new normal’ would entail a return to school without social distancing, but with enhanced hygiene requirements as mandated by the government.
  1. Continuation or return to a full Virtual School Experience
  • In this scenario, our experience and development of this programme places the school in a good position should this occur.

Any updates in these plans will be communicated quickly and transparently to the ICS community.