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Tu Xuong Parent Group - 20/5/16

19 May 2016

Hello, good bye, a cultural morning, a cocktail class and community news

As this week's post will be a bit longer than usual, the "what’s on" topic won’t be featured, but will return next week. 

On Thursday 8th June at 8:00am, Ms Mary and the parent group will meet to map out the next academic year's events.  The meeting is open to all parents so please join in. The year end potluck lunch will be held on Thursday 16th June and this year we’ll have a "banana cake competition".  Read all about it in this post. 

Have a lovely (extended for Y3 to 6) weekend.

Anne on behalf of the parent group. 

Next evening event: Cocktail lesson 

At TX we always learn new things, last year we had a wine and cheese evening where we learnt about French wines and the culture around it. This May, Eva is taking us to the world of cocktails. So don’t miss the class next week. 

  • When: Thursday, May 26th

  • Where: Sorae, 24-25, AB Tower, 76A Le Lai Street, HCMC

  • Time: 6 to 8pm

  • Price: 300,000 VND per pax includes the lesson and canapés. 

Registration link :

Vietnamese cultural morning coffee

What a fantastic morning our Vietnamese parents offered us this Tuesday morning!!!

Ms Duyên started with showing us how to make the real Vietnamese coffee and to our surprise, to make a good one, it takes time! So after showing us how to correctly use the filter and how to "wake up the coffee", she gave us coffee that she had brought from home; coffee which she started to make at midnight! Alexander then made an iced version of it with condensed milk and it was super delicious.

After tasting the coffee, it was time to know more about the country itself, its history and its people. First Ms Quỳnh Trâm made an introduction about Vietnam history. Ms Xuân Thu told us about wedding customs, and how parents of a girl feel when she is leaving the house. The importance of choosing the right date by consulting a monk was also explained to us. As Ms Thuỳ Linh said, she got a tricky part; telling us more about funerals. However it was very interesting to learn the rituals and the philosophy of the Vietnamese when they face the death of a loved one. 

Duyên, Wendy and Alexander took over for teaching us some useful Vietnamese words. So now we are able to declare our love to someone, "Em yeu  Anh" (a girl to a boy) and "Anh yeu en" (a boy to a girl). Most importantly we all now are able to ask for a discount, "gian gia". While Duyên and Alexander continued to lead the class,  smaller groups were created to help with the right pronunciation. After concentrating and being studious for so long, we were rewarded with the tasty banana cake. Duyen first showed us how to prepare it and after we ate it. Ms Hằng had brought the traditional sweet cake "banh tet" and "banh u" with green bean and banana, which were much appreciated. After the food break, Alexander made sure we had listened to the class so we had a quiz on the words previously learnt. Suji, Minori, Rani, Mr Ian, and Mr Tim made it to the finals, but the 3 ladies won the last round. Congratulation to them. Ms Thuỳ Linh explained to us what to do and what not to do in Vietnam. It was really useful and interesting. For example, now we know we shouldn’t bring yellow or black flowers when invited, we always have to use both hands when handling over something to an older person to show respect etc…

To conclude, Duyên played the piano, and the ladies sang "nối vòng tay lớn".  It’s a popular song composed by Trịnh Công Sơn and talks about the reunification of the North and the South. If you missed it you can watch their performance online:

(Link :

So a huge cảm ơn bạn/thank you to Duyên, Thuỳ Linh, Xuân Thu, Quỳnh Trâm, Wendy, Hằng, Alexander without forgetting Tô Mỹ Lan who could not join at the last minute, but had worked with the team. She also offered the beautiful flowers. We also have a special "thank you" to Ms Van Anh (Y4T teaching assistant ) who translated the song into English and also laminated all the flash cards for the lesson. Thank you for sharing your culture, your country, thank you for the time you spent preparing this wonderful morning. I also need to mention that no money from the TX parent fund was used as all items were sponsored by our lovely Vietnamese parents. 

All pictures can be seen here: 

And you, what do you think about Tuesday morning?

"At the coffee morning today, I learnt the right method to make Vietnamese coffee, and at the same time, I was also taught how to make Vietnamese delicacies.  The dos and don'ts reminded me to respect local culture and I find Vietnamese culture is fascinating." Florence

"It was very nice to know a bit more about Vietnamese culture. Best moment was eating a banana cake while Duyen explain how to make it........very nice!"  Mina

"Today's coffee morning is very special  for me coz I got opportunity to know about Vietnamese  tradition in marriage & funeral  & after that I surprised most of the Vietnamese tradition is very very similar to Indian tradition & culture . I enjoyed the quiz." Rani

"I really enjoyed tasting the banana cake with coconut sauce and meeting new friends. I learnt some useful phrases/words - good morning, left and right. It was much enjoyed. Thank you!"  Nicky

"We came to know about their wedding n death rituals. We learnt about the common words which are used quite often in our day today life." Neha

"For me, the best moment of coffee morning was realizing how much Vietnamese and Korean cultures have in common. As an example, there are so many similarities in etiquette and protocol when it comes to weddings and funerals. This is the main reason why I feel like Vietnam has been my home since 2007.  One useful tip I've learned in coffee morning was how to make the yummy banana cake with such a simple recipe." Suji

Banana cake recipe by Duyên: 

Cooking instructions

1. Cut the bananas into slices, put 200 grams sugar in. (1)

2. Mix rice flour (150 grams) and tapioca starch (150 grams) with 3 bowls of water (about 800 ml). (2)

3. Pour (2) to (1), stirring until it is even.

4. Put a thin layer of cooking oil into a round metal bowl (khay hấp), pour the mixture (3) into the bowl (about 4 cm thickness).

5. Put the bowl into the steamer (xửng hấp), close the cover then start cooking. After 30 mins., use the chopsticks to test whether it is cooked (if there is no flour water left on chopstick, then it is cooked).

Preparing coconut juice

1. Boil the Bột báng until it is transparent, pour it out and rinse with cold water.

2. Put 100 grams of sugar into the concentrated coconut juice, add 0.5 litres of water and stir the mixture (4)

3. Put (4) on the oven top, stir it continuously until it looks thick and creamy (hơi sền sệt), pour the Bột báng inside, a little salt, stir for 2 - 3 mins then turn off the oven.

You should leave the banana cake to cool for about 2 - 3 hours before eating.

For more delicious, you can add peanuts (đậu phộng rang) on top of the cooked coconut juice. Wishing for you to make a good banana cake! 

Thanks for your interest in this dessert!

Banana cake competition

Now our Vietnamese friends have given us the recipe of the banana cake, it’s our turn to try it. Because at BIS we are ambitious, let’s have a "banana cake competition"!  Your mission is to bake a traditional banana cake following the recipe or your own personal version with a twist. Let the Masterchef in you speak. Bring your banana cake to the Farewell potluck on Thursday 16th June and our jury will decide if you are the Banana Cake chef of 2016 academic year. 

If you are up to the challenge please, register online:

Hello and good bye 

So this week we were pleased to welcome Nicky (one daughter in Y3) and Quỳnh Trâm (one daughter in F3) into our TX community. Being a newcomer in the last term is never an easy thing so let’s help them to settle in nicely. 

We also had a chance to meet Mr Tim, the new principal. He joined the Vietnamese Culture coffee morning and had the opportunity to learn about his new country. He enjoyed the language class and the iced coffee along with the banana cake. 

Y4T celebrated Mr Mike’s return on Thursday morning by surprising him with a diaper cake. Usually a diaper cake is given to the mom-to-be during her baby shower, however 4T decided to welcome baby Joanne to the world with one. So congratulation to Mr Mike ’s family. Baby Joanne is gorgeous and everyone at TX is waiting for her to join ;) 

Mr Mike's baby gift

Last week we said "good bye" to Chitra, this week it’s time to wish Rani and her family a safe trip back home. On Tuesday we discovered she was good when it comes to Vietnamese language! She surprised us with all the words and sentences she knew. Well done Rani. Until the last minute we got to learn something new about you. We’ll miss your beautiful smile, your cooking and enthusiasm during our next gathering. Don’t forget TX too soon and please send us news once you make it home. 

"Reflection month" is normally in June at TX, but as she is leaving now, Rani looked back at her experience in Vietnam and is sharing it with us today. Thank you Rani.

"Now it's time to say goodbye to  a wonderful  city HCMC and fabulous friends I have made in this city . First of all a big thanks to all (especially Vietnamese) moms who are not only beautiful from outside but also from inside very down to earth and humble. I appreciate this attitude very much. They made me feel at home. Secondly they never give up their language I love this attitude, but  language  has never been a barrier to get along well.   I just want to thank  all the lovely TX parents,  the very talented teachers, caring teaching assistants, cooperative administration staff, security guards.   Last but not the least  big thanks to one who made a big change in TX parents  group &  created huge changes  especially in coffee morning where we are able to meet up & also know about each others culture, tradition & got a chance to learn variety of cakes & dishes etc etc Ms. Anne I love you.

If I have hurt any of you knowingly or unknowingly, please excuse me and forgive me.

Love you all. Bye, till meet again…"


Dishan and Daiwik - goodbye

Community news:

Koto sent us an update on Jojo. Please read her message and remember if you want to join the daily dog walk, contact Regine Meyer by sending her a text message or whatsapp on 09 321 173 85. She’ll tell you which day she needs more dog walkers. She is not asking for a year commitment, you can go any time as long as;

  • You book at least 3 days before so she can manage the planning

  • You respect and follow the rules during the walk (remember it’s not just a walk, it’s also a training moment)

  • If you want to take your child with you, please talk to Regine first.

"Jojo has been having itchy skin so he had to be shaved off last week for treatment.  He has been comfortable ever since. He cannot see or hear well, but still can smell treats very well and has still got a very healthy appetite!"

Here's the photo from this morning's visit:


 Parent lunch for YEAR 6 with AP2 and AP1

AP2 PTG is kindly inviting all Y6 parents from AP1 and TX to join a lunch on June 14th at Quan Bui Garden, 55 Ngo Quang Huy, Thao Dien. If your child is moving on to secondary, it’s also time for you to make new friends in AP2 and ask all questions you have ;)  

Year 6 students are also invited to take part in the quiz night at AP2. If you need more info, please contact AP2 PTG.

Quiz night