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Kelly's Malaysia Adventure

03 June 2016

At the start of Year 6, everyone was waiting to go to the Malaysia Trip. On the 23rd of May 2016 at 7:30 am, all the year 6 students brought their luggages to school for the Malaysia Trip. People were divided into 9 travel groups together with their travel teacher. There were Mr. James , Ms. Kirstine , Mr. Chau , Ms. Duyen and Ms. Hong Anh. At 7:45am, we headed to the Tan San Nhat airport and at that time the other groups from AP1 arrived at the airport too. We were all checked in and was waiting to go onboard to Kuala Lumpur. Whilst waiting, we started playing cards, taking pictures, reading book and the lucky teachers were drink hot coffees. In the meantime, some of the TX students were getting to know some of the AP1 students too. We met the AP1 teachers, Ms. Esther and Mr. Christ.

Our flight was 20 minutes delayed from our original time. When we got on the plane, everyone was seated and were all buckled up. We were all given a headphone to connect to the small tv in front of us, most of us were watching movies and playing with our friends. We were all mixed up and was sitting in order of our surnames. I was sitting next to Khoa and Jessica who are both from the TX Campus.  After we’ve landed to Kuala Lumpur, we got our luggages  and headed to Gopeng by buses. It took about 2 hours and 30 minutes however, we had a toilet break halfway. On the side of the roads were filled with tall trees and there were also some Palm Oil Tree along the way. When we arrived at Earth Camp, we were all exhausted and the sky were navy blue so the teachers has decided that we go straight to dinner after we put our bags into our dorms. We had 4 dorms in total ( 2 girls dorm and 2 boys dorm) and I was in dorm 2 girls with some of my TX friends and some of the AP1 girls. After we’ve done putting our stuff, we went off for dinner at a cafeteria of Earth Camp. We were seated in order of the dorm and we ate chicken, rice and vegetables. I personally loved the chicken with rice and also the juice was also amazing. Once we’ve finished our dinner, it was already 8pm and our dorm had to wash up the cups and dishes for all the other students.

After the washing up, all of the students had a cup of hot milo with biscuit before sleeping. We all went back to our dorms and got ready for bed, Ms.Kirstine came in our dorm and turned the lights off at about 10pm. It was our first night and because of that we had a hard time trying to sleep so got told off my Mr.James and Mr.Christ (from AP1).

Day 2:

Waking up was pretty straight forward for me just because I was so excited to go in the Malaysia’s largest cave Gua Tempurung. Before going we  ate breakfast and everyone was given their safety equipments. The Limousine (Truck) brought us to our destination which was the Gua Tempurung cave. In the first place, I was pretty unsure where we’re going inside the cave however after a while, I really enjoyed it. My favourite part in the cave was when the stream was so cold and we had to duck under the rocks. I was taught about stalagmites and stalactites.

Day 3 :

We were splitted in half (Dorm 1 boy with dorm 1 girl and dorm 2 boys with dorm 2 boys). After  we’ve finished our breakfast, group 1 went to get their safety equipments then they headed of to the Swift Water Training  (SWT) place to learn how to cross a swollen river, to enter deep water safely and to save a swimmer using a throw rope. On the other hand, my group went of to Mountain School. We were splitted into 3 different groups and was enjoying  our activities. There were Leap of Faith, where we had to climb up a 5 meter tower and had to jump to be able to touch our goal which was the ball hanging in front. There were also Zip-Lining however, we had to learn how to use automatics safety clasp to get up and cross the string line.My most favourite was the Giant Swing, I was the 6th person so I wasn’t that scared however, I got ready scared when the guide pulled the rope away to make me swing. I was screaming so loud, at the same time I was so horrified but I was having so much fun. We also went in the Silent Cave, it was a bit challenging for me to balance on the wire in the dark with no glasses on however, I’ve managed to challenge myself and also with helps from my AP1 friends. After everyone was in, we went in deeper to look at the bats, we had to be in silence to keep ourselves away from the bats. Consequently, we went out of the cave and walked back to the Mountain School place. On the side of the roads were Palm Oil Trees, along the way, we also found some Palm Oil Fruit lying on the ground. Once we’ve got back to the Mountain School, we went in the shades to eat some lunches. We had chicken with rice and broccoli which is my favourite vegetable! We got back to Earth Camp and had some free time of our own. I decided to go take a shower then go out to play with my friends.

Day 4:

We changed over which means it was our turn to go to the Swift Water Training. All of us did the same thing as what the other group had done. At the end, we had to raft a 2 hours journey and then we headed back to Earth Camp. The day felt so short because we’ve had a lot of fun, playing Flipping Boat and all the fun activities.

Day 5:

It was our last day there in Malaysia… We all packed up our clothes and went straight of to Airport after Breakfast. Again, we were splitted into 2, TX on 1 bus and AP1 on the other. Once we’ve landed at Tan San Nhat airport, our parents were so happy to see us. We all went back to our lovely home after our trip.

I’ve experienced a lot of challenges during the trip. I’ve made a lot of AP1 friends and I’ve also got to know more about them too. I personally think that this trip is the highlight of the years and is also the most memorable trip I’ve ever been to. The activities were amazing and everything were setted out for us. On this trip to Gopeng Malaysia, I’ve challenged myself and participated in all the activities even though I’ve had no glasses wit me. And lastly, all I could say is that I loved this trip and wish I could possibly go again.

Kelly Tran | Student of BIS TX