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Kim's Malaysia Adventure

03 June 2016

Our trip started with lots of sleepy faces mixed with excitement in them, it was a fabulous morning at 7:15am, year 6 started skipping in school while pulling their luggages after them. While waiting for the bus to arrive, some of us waved to our parents, some chatting with their friends and some just simply walking around waiting. After a while, about 7:45am, the bus finally arrived.

After that, we arranged ourselves into our travel groups and started pulling our luggages onto the bus ,then we climbed inside the huge bus while waving our parents excitedly. Our ride to the airport was quick, we arrived at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport at about 8:20am. Soon after doing what we usually do in the airport, we finally arrived at the waiting area and waited, waited, waited until it was time for the flight (we had to wait for so long since the flight got delayed, as you might expect). We started flying to Kuala Lumpur, rode on the bus for 3 hours until we arrive at Gopeng.

Gopeng is covered in trees but mostly are palm oil plantations. Since we were staying in the forest, there are lots of insects, especially mosquitos! There were 4 dorms (2 dorms for girls, 2 dorms for boys), a huge grass field, tree houses (for teachers), a place to eat,... In each dorms were 10 bunk beds, each bed has a mosquito net, a blanket and a drap. After having a tour around our room, we unpacked our stuff and went to dinner. For the whole week we got chicken for most of the meals though. Soon after that, we all went back to our dorms and tried to sleep, since we got very exciting for the first day, it was super hard to sleep. Eventually, we finally slept.

Our 2nd day started very energetically since that was the first day for the activities. Then we tidied our beds, brushed our teeth and the usual stuffs. After all of that, we had breakfast. Then, one of our dorms had to wash up and i could be sure that they didn't like it. Finally, it was activity time! Group 1 (girls dorm 1 + boys dorm 1) went to the cave first then it was group 2 (girls dorm 2 + boys dorm 2). The cave was quite dry at first and we had to walk up so many stairs, the second part was very challenging since the cave got more wet and slippery causing many of us slipping. We also had to squeeze ourselves into small spaces while diving in the water which was quite a hard task. After all those trouble in the cave we finally got out and then sat ourselves in 2 limousines. We all took a bath after that, then we had a shower, ate lunch and got changed into our trekking kit.

In the afternoon, the teachers arranged us in mixed groups then they gave us all a sheet of paper each and our job was to find the objects that are hairy, is one day old,... and we also had to draw pictures of trees and answer questions. Then, we started our trekking trip, we had to walk for more than 2km which was  a disaster for most of us. We got to know more about different kind of trees and houses, we also got to do some tin filtering! Tin filtering is when we filter sand and tin with a wood or metal pan. We tried to get all the sand out by moving the pan in circles while getting some water in it, most of us thought that is was hard. After walking for more than 2km, we had to walk back to the camp… Most of us were exhausted after the trekking but some still very energetic.

We all took a shower again after the trekking, then, we got to play in the huge grass field for about more than 1 hour. Then it was dinner, 1 of the dorms had to wash up after that too, we also got some hot milo then we went to a deep sleep.

A bit different from day 2, on day 3, most of us woke up quite late since we got very tired from day 2. Eventually, we did the same as day 2 and got a delicious breakfast. Another dorm had to wash up and group 1 got ready to go to the river. While group 2 got ready to go to mountain school. The 2 groups will switch activities for day 4. Group 1 went to river place after wearing the helmets and lifejackets. We started with a floating 0n the river activity, avoiding the rocks were quite a challenge though. After that, we splitted ourselves into 3 groups and take turns doing different activities like: floating on the river, aggressive swimming, saving people and crossing a river.

Aggressive swimming was to swim across a flowing river which was very hard and saving people was to go into pairs, 1 person pretending to drown while the other tries to save you. Crossing a river was to cross a flowing river in pairs, groups and individuals. floating on the river was to lie down on the river and try to not hit the rocks, then you swim to the shore. After that, we splitted our groups again and tried to flip a boat and flip a boat again, then go on it (it's easier saying it than doing it).Finally, we had lunch and then we arranged ourselves into smaller groups of 5, after that we had a boat race! We had to row our boats for about 2km. Then same as day 2, we got a shower and got some free time. After 1 hour, we got a fabulous dinner and 1 dorm washed up again. We also got some hot milo and then we brushed our teeth and went into a dreamy sleep.

On day 4 was mostly the same as day 3 but instead of group 1 going to the river, they're going to mountain school and group 2 was going to the river. The bad thing about mountain school is that they have even more mosquitos! However, the activities were: low rope, rock climbing and silent cave for the morning. These activities were to give us practice for the activities in the evening like: giant swing, leap of faith and zip lining. Low ropes were about balancing on the ropes using ropes or holding someone's hand to balance on the rope. Rock climbing was just simply climbing a rock with a giant size. In the silent cave, we had to be silent or the bats would fly all over the place and we had to balance on the rope if we don't want to fall in the river fulled of bat's wastes. In the silent cave, we also got a tour around the palm oil plantations place and we also saw bats!

In the evening, the giant swing was the most scariest activity. We would be pulled up with the safety belt to a very high height! Then, someone will pull a rope and we would be flying like we're on a giant swing, everyone enjoyed that. After that was the leap of faith, using or rock climbing skills, after wearing the safety equipments, we would climb up a very high ladder and jump down while trying to touch the ball hanging up high. The next activity was the zip lining, we had to climb up the rope ladders, going pass the rope bridge from a very high height and then zip lining down! It was quite scary but not as scary as the giant swing. After that we went back to the camp and took a shower. Then it was free time! For dinner we got variety of choices for foods (buffet!), like: BBQ chicken, chicken, sausages, … since we were so good, we’ve even got lots of ice creams! After that was bedtime, last night in Gopeng.

The last day in Gopeng was quite sad since we had to say goodbye to Gopeng. We started the day just like usual, then we packed our stuff and went to get some breakfast. After that we got our luggages and went on the bus while waving goodbye to the people in the camp and started traveling back to Kuala Lumpur's airport. It was a long trip but we got there. We went in the airport and send our luggages to the plane. Since most of us were hungry, the teachers got us some snacks from Starbucks! After that, we rushed into plane and arranged our seat. Our flight was quite scary since there was a bit where the plane was falling down a bit and went all weird, lucky that we were calm so most of us didn't scream much but still, we got back to Saigon safely. We got our luggages and started to see our parents waiting for us outside. It was time to go home, we all said goodbye to each other and the teachers gave our passports back, then we all went home with our parents happily. That was the end of our fabulous Malaysia trip.

By Kim