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Back into school routine: 4 Tips

25 August 2016

The summer holiday period provided us all with an important opportunity to recharge the batteries and relax - but it is now time to get back into new routines and school.

So how do you help your children get back on track and focused for the new school year ahead?

Beat the back to school routine with 4 expert tips from British International School, HCMCHere are 4 tips from some of our in-house experts:


1. Make sure they get plenty of rest!

Students need to get plenty of rest so that they can be at their best, and enjoy school as much as possible. A student who has a good night's sleep is likely to be much better at making decisions and problem solving than a student who doesn’t get enough sleep.  Regular bedtimes and a simple evening routine can help to ensure that your children are getting enough sleep.

The UK National Sleep Foundation recommendations are:

Recommended Sleep Patterns from the UK's National Sleep Foundation3-5 year olds                10 -13 hours

6-13  year  olds            9-11 hours

14-17 year olds             8-10 hours

To help your child get enough rest, make your room cool, quiet and dark. It is important to unwind properly so no games, phones or laptops an hour before bed. Technology is sleeps arch enemy! If your child has a busy mind, try putting a piece of paper and a pen next to their bed so that they can jot things down and then forget about them.

Buick Hamblin, Whole School Counsellor

2. Keep talking

“There is no greater gift that you can give your child at the beginning of life than the ability to communicate.” Dr Sally Ward

‘Communication and language’ is one of the three ‘prime’ areas that all our children seek to develop during their foundation stage at BIS HCMC.  In order to be successful in their education, children need to continue to develop these skills through iGCSE, IB and beyond.  Communication can take different forms, but it all begins with effective oral communication – talking.

“In addition to higher academic achievement… parental involvement leads to greater problem-solving skills, greater school enjoyment, better school attendance, fewer behavioural problems at school, and greater social and emotional development.” E. Melhuish

For younger children this means reading to your child, singing songs, playing rhyming games, talking about letters and sounds.  For our older students, it is essential to make time to communicate with them, discussing issues, valuing their opinions; take the time to listen – teenagers are more likely to speak if as parents we are silent for long enough to give them the opportunity.

Whether your child is beginning their final year at BIS or just beginning their educational journey in F1.  Whether you speak in English, Vietnamese, Korean or whatever your mother-tongue, the message is still the same…keep talking.   

Ian Battersby, Headteacher at Tu Xuong Campus

           Tu Xuong School Year Resolutions

3. Make a New School Resolution

A resolution is traditionally made at either the beginning of a calendar, or academic year. It has in fact two meanings: One could make a firm decision to do or not to do something. Should I choose to do something differently or commit to doing it the same way? Should I make a change in my lifestyle or am I content with what I currently have?

To make a resosution is to make a commitment, whether this is linked to maintaining the status quo or not.

Reflect on what your priorities are and think about something you may want to do next. When you have this image, does it fill you with fear or excitement? Do the words, “Yes, I can” come to mind or are these the words, “No, I can’t”. I wish you all the very best in making your resolution and hope that the outcome helps to create positive change or effective consolidation.

Simon Higham, Headteacher at An Phu Primary

4. Healthy diet

To be healthy and successful inside and outside of school, children and adults need to maintain a balanced healthy diet.

A balanced diet consists of seven essential components; carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre and water. These important components will provide your child with enough energy to take part in all the exciting opportunities they will receive at BIS HCMC every day. Ensuring your child has a balanced healthy diet will provide them with the crucial building blocks for good overall health and growth, not just physically but intellectually as well.

Jonny McLoughlin, Assistant Head of PE at An Phu Secondary