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U14B Girls Football City Championships - Match Report

08 March 2018

Tracy Le brings us the highlights from last week's City Championships where our U14 Girls B team proudly returned home with a third place trophy!

  • u14b-GIRLS

After months of hard training and four fierce and friendly matches, it had finally come down to this very moment; the City Championships.

As we set foot onto the field, we were both nervous and excited because we knew we were going to meet some competitive teams and most of the teams that competed were teams we hadn’t played before. The teams were AIS (the host school), CIS and SSIS. While we waited for the tournament to start, we warmed up under the boiling sun. We also found out that our new captain was Victoria Nguyen Nhu as our original captain wasn’t able to attend.

Without any time wasted, we marched onto the field to play against the host school AIS. As the match was the very first match of the tournament, we felt a lot of tension but we were determined to make it a good start. When the whistle blew, we started to play strong as we have done in training and previous matches. Even though we were in possession most of the time, AIS managed to score a goal. After the goal was scored, we started working a bit harder and we were determined to tie the score. After a while, the half time whistle blew and we discussed as a team how we could do better in the second half. When the referee blew the whistle to start the match, we were ready to tie the score. As the game progressed, we took numerous shots while our defenders and goalkeeper saved many dangerous goals. After a period of time, AIS managed to score a goal making the score 2-0 followed by another goal shortly afterwards. After the last goal was scored by AIS, the whistle blew to mark the end of the game. The final score was 3-0 to AIS.

After the game against AIS, we had a team chat to make us feel better and we talked about how we could improve for our next match which was against SSIS. A bit of insight: our previous match with SSIS resulted with our team winning 7-1 so we weren’t as nervous as the first match. In fact, we were confident going up against them. After an 80 minute rest, we strode onto the field knowing that we could win and recover from the first match. When the whistle blew, we put on our game faces and began to dribble in control. After a while, we scored our first goal of the tournament by Srishty Patnaik. We were ecstatic and from there, we tried even harder because we knew we could score another one. Shortly afterwards, we scored another goal by Purpy Nguyen after taking a beautiful shot by the corner of the goal. We were even more excited as we believed that if we could score shots like that, we could potentially be City Champions, however, the whistle blew signalling half time. We skipped back to Mr. Porter and he told us to keep up the good work. When the second half began, we didn’t waste time to get the ball and started taking shots at the opposing team’s goal post. We took possession of the ball most of the time and took shots after shots. But unfortunately due to the other team’s great defending and goalkeeping, we didn’t manage to score. As the final whistle blew, we knew that we needed to do better in the next match to secure a win in the championships. The final score for this match was 2-0 to BIS.   

As we approached the last match, we were fully determined because this match could decide whether we could become champions or bring a 3rd place trophy home. Either way, we were proud of ourselves for making it this far in the tournament. Our last match was with CIS, another school we hadn’t played before but we formed a friendship with them during the tournament. CIS was unbeaten so far in the tournament and we were determined to stop the streak. When the whistle blew, we started attacking the other team and tried to score numerous shots. As the game went on, it became more thrilling as neither team had scored. Then a couple of minutes later, we unfortunately scored an own goal and sadly afterwards, CIS managed to score another making the score 2-0 for CIS by half time. We had another team discussion before the final half of the tournament. When the whistle blew, the tension in the field grew larger than ever before. In our heads we were thinking “This is it, the final half time. We need to make this count.” Throughout the final half, both teams scored marvellous shots and had great defence. As the last 2 minutes came, we tried our hardest to score 2 more goals, hoping it could become a tie. Even though we tried our hardest, we couldn’t tie the score and that resulted in 2-0 to CIS and the 3rd place trophy for us.

In conclusion, this was the tensest tournament the U14B girls team has ever played and everyone played to their very best. A special mention to our captain, Victoria Nguyen Nhu who was not only our captain but was our player of the tournament because of her great leadership and defending skills. Our coach, Mr. Porter, told us, “I couldn’t ask more of you girls in the tournament. You all played to your absolute best.” Those words will always stick to our hearts as we ambled to the bus, proudly holding our 3rd place trophy. 

Tracy Le