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We believe that for a student’s successful future, parents and the school must work together to raise well-rounded children with strong values and a confident character. Children should grow up in an environment where respect and responsibility mark the path towards growth.  


Our Values and Character Education department, formed by staff members and volunteer parents, promotes a healthy and positive school culture that brings together our entire community. The team is divided into various committees that plan and coordinate several programs and activities directed at students, teachers, and parents; including: 

  • Sessions for PI to 9th grade students 
  • ISR and Parents in Action Preventing Bullying 
  • Values conference for middle school students 
  • Social responsibility and community reach projects 
  • Meaningful experiences 
  • Habits of Mind 
  • Parents Education program 
  • Human development courses 
  • Optional Catholic Events
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our guiding principles

Our guiding principles: mission, vision, and beliefs, reflect our school VALUES and are fundamental to our community. They lead us to personal fulfillment and guide our behaviors and everyday actions. 

Our MISSION to inspire students to grow as passionate learners, act with respect and empathy, and become impactful, global thinkers. 

Our VISION is to be one of the finest learning communities in the world recognized for its: 

  • Exceptional academic results.
  • Strong culture of values.
  • Personalized learning experiences.
  • Unique global opportunities. 
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To Inspire students to grow as passionate learners, we believe:

  • Every person is worthy and valuable, deserving an individual learning experience.
  • When children are empowered to make choices,  they can be intrinsically inquisitive, reflective problem solvers. 
  • Creativity, Critical- thinking, Collaboration, and Communication are essential to meet the challenges of the future. 
  • Enthusiasm and curiosity should be infused in each child’s learning. 
  • The curriculum should reflect life-long learning by expanding the traditional subjects and making all learning relative. 

To Act with integrity and empathy, we believe:

  • Students should be cherished in a safe, loving, and comfortable learning environment.
  • Self-esteem, self-discipline, and peaceful conflict resolution are the key elements for a harmonious school environment.
  • Each of us is responsible for our choices and actions toward ourselves, society, and the environment. 

To Become impactful, global thinkers, we believe:

  • Belonging to a collaborative international family of schools provides our students and faculty with worldwide opportunities.
  • As global citizens, we have a duty to take care of our Earth, our community, and the well-being of others.
  • Learning and respecting people from different cultures, beliefs, and religions, help us grow as conscious human beings. 
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A San Roberto experience is like no other. With an exceptional education as a platform, your child will be prepared for any path they choose.