English Language Acquisition & Literacy

At San Roberto, students integrate speaking and listening with reading and writing, immersing your child in the English language as they use it in everyday contexts, acquiring grammar and vocabulary in the most natural way. Our certified and well-trained teachers will work closely with our literacy specialists in each division to make sure your child has a personalized plan that meets their individual needs.

English Language Acquisition

Starting in pre-nursery, we fully immerse our students in English, applying language acquisition strategies with a focus on phonics and phonological awareness and using the age-appropriate vocabulary within various texts, genres, and styles. These practices will pave the way to your child’s success as they increase their language skills and progressively move forward with more complex material.  

Students that join San Roberto in Early Years, reach full fluency by the time they graduate.   

Teachers use the English language with students throughout lessons in all core subjects with a few exceptions such as Spanish Language Arts, Music, Art, and Physical Education. We set high expectations for our learners and reinforce practice within individual and collaborative work among peers to expand their English skills and connect with the world around them.   



Language Acquisition for Students in Need of Additional Support 

Learners whose native language is other than English or Spanish and need extra support, join our language acquisition program. In SWAS (School Within A School), your child will receive classes from our qualified experienced educators, joining small groups in a specially equipped area of our school, where they can feel safe to practice their skills until they reach grade-level expectations. 

SWAS Program is designed to serve the needs of: 

  • International students whose admission tests show below average results in the Linguistic Areas in the English Language for grades 1 to 9.
  • International students whose admission tests show below average results in the Spanish Language for grades 1 to 9. 


English Immersion for preschool students  

Some students joining San Roberto later in preschool may need additional support to catch up with their peers' English skills. This is fundamental since students will need to be able to understand and follow instructions given in English.

Students in grades Preschool 1 through PrePri may receive recommendations to participate in English Immersion, according to the results of their admission tests.  



A San Roberto experience is like no other. With an exceptional education as a platform, your child will be prepared for any path they choose.