Our two campuses in Monterrey give our students an international educational experience delivered by the best teachers.
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We believe children learn best when they grow up in safe, nurturing, and inspiring environments where they’re happy. This is why specialists in education and social-emotional learning care for our students’ academic journeys.
Hortensia Prieto
General Director, San Roberto International School, Monterey 
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Your child’s personalized learning program gives them the best start to their school career. 

Children learn best when the classroom blends with their life outside school. This joint approach builds the values and character they need to succeed in the future. 

Our approach gives students the right skills to achieve the future they envision.  

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A LEARNING EXPERIENCE Designed For the future

Created by our world-leading education experts, our internationally recognized curriculum reimagines education through six key educational pillars.
Academic excellence
Our approach to education means your child will achieve more than they ever thought possible. 
Academic excellence

San Roberto offers exceptional education through our Gold Standards Creative Curriculum for preschool grades, which focuses on personalized learning, hands-on experiences, and nurturing individual strengths. 

 The way we teach revolves around helping students achieve outstanding academic results while obtaining the skills they need to succeed in their personal lives. Our teachers and educational specialists keep up with new education trends around the world, making sure your child is taught using the latest learning techniques. 

Advanced learning environments
From Preschool, technology is set in learning activities so your child can embrace modern education tools. Our classes and technology hubs help students learn essential skills such as creativity, innovation, and problem solving. 
Advanced learning environments
San Roberto is proud to have safe and age-appropriate facilities for our little ones in Preschool, such as mini gyms, WonderLabs, playgrounds, and petting zoos - all designed to inspire free play and stimulate learning and creativity. 

Both our campuses have several classrooms dedicated to the fine arts. In these well-equipped, exciting spaces, students learn to express themselves through music, art, and dance. 
Exceptional learning experiences
At San Roberto, learning goes beyond the classroom. Children develop the confidence, resilience, and teamwork skills they need to leave their mark on the world. 
Exceptional learning experiences
Students engage in hands-on activities developed by a team of educational psychologists and teachers to expand your child's academic and learning experiences in our school. At San Roberto, we also care about the wellbeing of our students. For this reason, our Social–Emotional Learning program covers five dimensions: self-knowledge, self-regulation, social awareness, collaboration, and problem solving. 
The best teachers
Outstanding teachers make outstanding schools. That’s why we invest in the best teachers, so your child can learn, grow, and achieve more than they ever imagined.
World-class teachers

San Roberto hires the best teachers through a rigorous recruitment process designed by Nord Anglia Education’s Global Education Team. Every member of staff experiences a broad and extensive orientation process to ensure they understand our school’s mission, vision, and values.

A diverse team of local and international teachers gives your child a global mindset right from the start, helping them understand cultures and traditions from all over the world.

The Nord Anglia Education family
When you join San Roberto, you also join the global Nord Anglia Education community of students, parents, and alumni, opening a worldwide network of diverse learners and families.
Vibrant community
Children learn best when their teachers and parents work together. That’s why the culture at San Roberto promotes open communication and parent involvement, creating a stronger connection between teachers and parents than at most schools. 

Once you join San Roberto, you’ll always be considered part of the family. Our growing community includes many alumni who have returned to enroll their own children at San Roberto so they can enjoy the same exceptional education they received themselves.  

Students can use our Global Campus website to connect to other children in the NAE community, discovering an entire world through our innovative tech. 
Our social purpose
As an international school, one of San Roberto’s priorities is teaching students how to go out in the world to make a positive change, both locally and around the world.
Our social purpose

Students are encouraged to cultivate environmental awareness from a young age. They’re presented with real-life challenges to help them reflect on the ways they can contribute to society. There are many activities to get involved in, including ecological fairs and reforestation trips. Parents can also get involved by volunteering in our Green Team committee. 

At San Roberto we believe in respecting traditions from across the globe. We know that learning from different cultures and beliefs empowers children to grow into conscious and responsible citizens. 

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We’re here to help every step of the way.
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With a Nord Anglia education, your child will leave school with the knowledge, confidence, and creativity to excel in the future.

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