Ages 1.5 – 6


Our Early childhood stage gives your child the perfect start to their academic and personal school journey. 
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Our program includes: 

Learning while playing

Nursery and Preschool students discover knowledge through active learning experiences and develop their personality in a safe and stimulating environment. They become competent, enthusiastic learners, while developing their social skills.

In our program, they learn while playing in individual and team activities and they make connections between the classroom and their daily lives. Your child’s first contact with technology enhances their learning. Classes are taught entirely in English, except for the Physical Education and Character Education classes.

Their first contact

Our Nursery program is the student’s first contact with school and is fundamental for their academic and personal success. Small groups of 12 students are key to help your child learn while they play in an environment where they feel safe.

Discovering their potential

Our Preschool program focuses on creating a learning space in which each student explores their environment, builds significant learning, and discovers their own potential.
We emphasize literacy skills, numeric concepts, and social and personal abilities, including personal working habits.

Readers and writers for life

Our Balanced Literacy program promotes an environment rich in language, which stimulates participation in group and paired reading and writing experiences, guiding students towards independent journalistic writing.

Everyday Mathematics

Through our practical Everyday Mathematics program, your child will learn about numbers, operations, patterns and functions, geometry, measurements, and data via exploration activities.

Habits of Mind®

Using the Habits of Mind® program helps students develop reflection, perseverance, mental skills and the ability to make smart decisions.

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At San Roberto, your child’s potential is nurtured in a stimulating and caring environment, taught by dedicated teachers—giving them a truly personalized education.

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