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Cuộc thi Viết Sáng tạo Nord Anglia đem đến cho các nhà văn trẻ từ 43 trường trong hệ thống một cơ hội thể hiện tài năng viết tiếng Anh của các em. Đây là những học sinh đã được tuyển chọn từ khối KS3 và KS4 để bước vào vòng chung kết. Các tác phẩm của cả hai em sẽ được xuất bản trong tuyển tập viết sáng tạo thường niên vào năm tới. 
Chúc mừng cả hai em!   

Full name: Tran Ai Cao Khoa

Age: 14

Full school name: British Vietnamese International School

Title: Black and White

Word count: 800

I am not popular among the little ones. Neither am I ever invited to birthday parties or any other special celebrations for that matter. The only events I am welcome to are funerals. Unlike Pink, I was never made into a dress for young girls to wear. Pink is very popular, she is displayed with pride on the girls’ walls.  Pink and purple are best friends. They are always together, on backpacks, jackets and so much more. That’s because people think they go well with each other. Red is Pink’s brother, and like his sister, he is admired by boys of all ages. He gets made into racing cars and toy trucks and he also appears on the cover of magazines along with a bunch of his mates. Red and I, we’ve barely worked together. He says he can’t stand my dullness and standing next to me makes him look unattractive. Black isn’t a very fashionable colour for children, I have rarely been painted onto shirts or shorts, for children to wear.

It is sad that kids don’t take me seriously; I am more than just the thin outlines of colourful images, I am more than just the absence of colours. Black is a mysterious colour, I represent strength, seriousness, power, and authority. I should be described as formal, elegant, and prestigious instead of boring and colourless. But that’s only what I think and it’s the opinion of others that matter.

Pink and Red had a party at their house and for the first time in forever, every colour was invited. I had imagined this day coming soon and here it was, this was my chance to impress them, this was my second chance and I must grab this opportunity to show them my brighter side, not just the dark black they see.

I arrived at the party, feeling dizzy. I’m not one for crowed spaces. It was incredibly scary and I had no one to comfort me. I am standing outside in the garden which had roses growing neatly in all shades of red and pink. I could hear the loud music from inside and my heart started to beat with the fast pace of the music. I slowly went inside and the place was packed. I quickly remembered that I knew nobody to chat with so I decided to stroll around the place.

As I went around the house, I spotted a colour standing alone in the corner, her face pale and pure. It was White. After staring at her for a long time she noticed me. My heart raced. I have not spoken to anyone in a long time and definitely not a girl! She stopped when we were a few feet apart and flashed a beautiful smile at me. I then said without thinking “You’re gorgeous.” Almost too loud she laughed and all eyes were focused on us. But they then quickly glanced away because they saw me. I felt really embarrassed but White didn’t seem to care. And at that moment I knew she was fantastic. She was brave and positive and is perfect. I had no idea what White thought of me, probably as a coward for being embarrassed but to my surprise she grabbed my hand tight and pulled me through the crowd and out of the party.

White pulled me away from all the noise, the attention and the uncomfortable atmosphere. She brought me to a park nearby and started slowly walking. I was still in shock; because this girl who I’ve never met is walking with me through a park and talking to me like we’ve known each other for years. She talked and I talked and we shared jokes and laughed. She made me felt so comfortable and lively, a feeling I think I’ve never felt before. We started exchanging facts about ourselves then gossiped about other people and she told me rumours and things that I’ve never discussed with anyone else before. It was amazing but like all good things, the walk ended. Even though it took us a few hours to walk around the park, it felt like a few minutes. It was hard for me to say good bye and the only thing I could think of that night was seeing her the next day.

I have heard Red say many times that he represented love and desire but I think that Black and White can together represent infinite things including love. I now do everything with White. Black and White are being made into unique fashionable clothing and accessories, designs of furniture are now available in Black and White. I realize now that I didn’t fit in with all the bright colours because I was made to match with one colour only and that is White.


Full name: Nguyen Lam Nhat Minh

Age: 11

Full school name: British Vietnamese International School (Ho Chi Minh city)

Title: Under Pressure

Word count: 470 words

 Annie! Someone’s here.They can hear us. Annie! Their fortitude to pursue us is turning irrational...Annie!

Throbbing. Sluggishly, my eyelashes drew apart, revealing the disguised, imperceptible force field surrounding the arena. Clouds, slightly parted, freed captive sunbeams that crawled incessantly. Foggy mist that seemed to swallow you whole. Razor-sharp blades of grass that cut your limbs in half. Ceaseless murmuring that triturates my sanity. This can mean one thing, and one thing only.

Annie! They’re here.They’re watching us!

More throbbing. Its increasing in number; it sounds frantic - desperate. Trying to act tough, I stand facing the peculiar boy: vertically challenged; yet muscular. Dark haired with dappled freckles - a stranger. His eyes narrowed at me, but did not unsheath his sword.

Every movement, every breath, my eyes shadowed him. His own bore into mine, a look of pity etched on his face. Who does he think he is? Foolish. Absurd. Nutty. Insane!

Ensuring eye contact, I stalked forward. One step. Two step. Three ste- No! Stay where you are, Annie. Look - look at the way he looks down at us. His valour!

Three step. Four step. Five step. The boy, his eyes like molten sapphire, pulls his sword out. The pointed blade glitters in the afternoon sun. Smiling sorrowfully, he thrusts me a small dagger.

“A fight to the death.” Said he, sinister eyes glimmering with enthusiasm.

SLASH! He pulls his sword along my thigh, creating great waterfalls of blood. The sound - the feel - of the cool blade against my thigh erects even the most wiry hair on my skeletal being.

He’s mocking us, Annie. Taunting and derision. Ridicule! The scorn on his face cannot be mistaken!

Buzzing, ringing, screaming. They grew louder and louder yet. I could feel the veil of audacity shrouding my fear fading slowly, and the salty tears threatening to pour. The boy moved closer. His eyes became cold; hard. Lifeless. The clamour merged into a screeching deafness. He wipes the tip of his sword clean with an arm-sleeve. No Finnick to save you now! You should have listened to me, Annie!

A frigid hand hits my temple; crushing my bone into pieces! The sound increases. THUD THUD THUD - a dull, soft sound. A pulse. My pulse. It’s taunting me! He smiles deceptively. Buzzing, ringing, screaming. LOUDER LOUDER LOUDER! He’s still kicking me! I fought. I pulled. I convulsed. Baring teeth, he gazed upon me. LOUDER LOUDER LOUDER! The noise consumed me fully; it blinded me! THUD THUD THUD.

Annie! Someone’s here.They can hear us. Annie! Their fortitude to pursue us is turning irrational...Annie!

Throbbing. Sluggishly, my eyelashes drew apart, revealing the disguised, imperceptible force field surrounding the arena. Clouds, slightly parted, exposed a single beam of moonlight. Gloomy darkness, weaved with unknown secrets of the night. Ceaseless murmuring that triturates my sanity. This can mean one thing, and one thing only:

The 70th Hunger Games