“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato

Spanning time, place, and history, music has always been a vital part of traditional ceremonies, cultural events, and festivities of world cultures. Music is a cultural keystone, giving people insight into the world’s societies that vary from one another in significant ways, but are often similar in traditions of the arts. In the study of music, we learn the most eloquent language of human expression, discovering and defining cultural aspects in intuitive and personal ways. 

The goals for our students in music education include: 

  • Musical fluency in the standard literature and repertoire of music, as well as the abstract language of music.
  • Developing each student's understanding of the cultural, aesthetic, and economic values of music throughout world cultures and traditions.
  • Developing each student's understanding of the elements of music through rigorous study, participation in performance ensembles, and active listening. 
  • Learning to apply acquired knowledge and skills in the work and vocation of life after school.  

The Village School Music Department faculty uses TEKS to form the basis of all music education on campus, focused in ensemble-based performance classes, and developed through the Juilliard Creative Classroom, where our students explore the following "Strands and Standards of Arts Education in Music":

  • Perception: The initial tools of Musical Arts Education: Vocabulary, elements, concepts, and music principles. 
  • Creative Expression and Performance: The “making of music” which encompasses active participation with and exploration of “Musical Repertoire and Literature,” performance (solo or group), and reading and writing music during the creative and interpretive process as a composer and performer.
  • Historical and Cultural Aesthetic and Heritage: The connections to various societies, cultures, heritage, and time periods made through music performance, academic study, and active participation give students insights into the events, cultural highlights, and influences of composers, their creations, and their ability to preserve both composer intent and cultural interpretation of the music studied. 
  • Reflection and Response: Criteria and Markschemes developed for assessment help students learn to confidently and credibly compare, contrast, synthesize, and evaluate personal, cultural, and traditional works of music.

All students at The Village School interact with music throughout their educational career. Dependent on their interest and level of expertise, many participate in After-School Music offerings as well.


Elementary School Music 

Music in the Elementary School is varied and encompasses many musical skills: vocal, violin, rhythm, and voice. Students actively participate in music education four times per week and have opportunities to participate in specialized after-school classes and private music lessons.
At the 4th grade—that most important transition year between Elementary and Middle School—students participate in a year-long rotation of music education. Each 4th grader spends a quarter in string ensemble, choir, drama, and a choice of wood-wind, brass, or percussion sectionals.


Middle School Music

In the 5th grade, students can choose to join the Band (winds and percussion), String Orchestra, or Choir.
Middle School Ensembles (6th–8th grade): Students in the 6th–8th grades have the opportunity to take various ensemble-based performance classes including: Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Choir, and “Team Time” class periods, which include our Show Choir, Percussion ensembles, and Spirit Band.


High School Music

High School students can take both performance-based and academic-based music classes during and after school. These classes include: Band, Choir and String Orchestra, Jazz Band, Show Choir, Full Symphonic Orchestra, Music Appreciation, Music Composition, IB Diploma Program in Music (1 & 2), Soundwave Percussion Theatre, Percussion Ensemble, and Marching/Stand Band

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