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December 10, 2018

Middle School Speech Team Wins Tournament

Middle School Speech Team Wins Tournament - middle-school-speech-team-wins-tournament
Middle School Speech Team Wins Tournament
Middle School Speech Team Wins Tournament

The Middle School Speech team won first place overall in the Cy-Lakes Speech Tournament December 8. This placement was determined based on combined individual performance and those results are as follows. 

6th Grade Prose:

Semifinalist - Zindagi M.

7th Grade Prose:

3rd Place - Adeline M.

1st Place - Solemei S.

8th Grade Prose:

Semifinalist - Kaila D.

Individual Pantomime:

2nd Place - Kishan P.

Original Duet:

Semifinalists - Jasmine L.& Aditi I., Kahani & Zindagi M., Ava G. & Rahman O.

Senior Vocal Solo:

Semifinalists - Anjai G., Caroline H.

3rd Place - Kaila D.

Novice Readers Theater:

Semifinalist - Team of Sakshi K., Aria S., Wei-Jia C. and Adeline M.

Senior Readers Theater:

Finalist - Team of Kahani M., Jasmine L., Aditi I., Divya K. and Rahman O.

Soap Box Speaking:

Finalist - Divya K.

Senior Storytelling:

Semifinalist - Aditi I.

Finalist - Jasmine L.

2nd Place - Kahani M.

Novice Storytelling:

Semifinalist - Sami R.

Finalist - Zindagi M., Aria S.

Senior Dramatic Interpretation:

Semifinalist - Anjai G.

1st Place - Kahani M.

Novice Dramatic Interpretation:

Semifinalist - Solemei S.

Finalist - Sakshi K.

Senior Duet Acting:

Semifinalist - Ava G. & Anjai G., Kaila D. & Jasmine L.

1st Place - Melania S. & Caroline H.

Novice Duet Acting:

Finalist - Rahman O. & Zindagi M., Adeline M. & Wei-Jia C.

Senior Solo Improvisation:

Finalist - Aditi I.

Novice Solo Improvisation:

Semifinalist - Rahman O.

2nd Place - Wei-Jia C.

6th Grade Poetry:

Semifinalist - Zindagi M.

1st Place - Rahman O.

7th Grade Poetry:

Semifinalist - Aria S.

2nd Place - Sakshi K.

8th Grade Poetry:

Semifinalist - Soniya P.

Original Oratory:

Semifinalist - Divya K.

Finalist - Aditi I.

2nd Place - Ava G.

1st Place - Kahani M.

Novice Humorous Interpretation:

1st Place - Ava G.

Senior Humorous Interpretation:

Semifinalist - Divya K.

2nd Place - Aditi I.

1st Place - Kahani M.

Novice Duet Improvisation:

Semifinalist - Sakshi K. & Sami R., Rahman O. & Wei-Jia C.

Finalist - Ava G. & Zindagi M.

3rd Place - Solemei S. & Adeline M.


Senior Duet Improvisation:

Semifinalists - Aditi I. & Jasmine L., Melania S. & Caroline H.


Novice Group Improvisation:

1st Place - Team of Wei-Jia C., Solemei S., Adeline M. & Rahman O.