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April 20, 2020

Vikings are Making a Difference

Vikings are Making a Difference - vikings-are-making-a-difference
Vikings are Making a Difference As we near the end of 1 month of staying home, our Vikings from every division are sharing encouraging messages and tips on how to continue staying safe and protecting our families and community.

Vikings from every division are sharing encouraging messages and tips on how to continue staying safe and protecting our families and community.

Early Childhood


Before we began Virtual Learning, our Pre-K Vikings gave us a demonstration on how to carefully and thoroughly wash our hands. Even as we #stayhome, we know this is still so important in protecting our families and our community.

Enjoy our youngest Vikings' tips and tricks for hand-washing!

[[\media\My Movie 7.mp4]]

Elementary School 


4th grader Ava shows us how to easily create a mask, using just a bandana and 2 hair ties.

We continue to be impressed with the initiative and serving attitude our Vikings are demonstrating- you're never too young to make a difference đź’Ş Great job, Ava!


Middle School


We are so encouraged to hear how Vikings are choosing to #giveback and make an impact across Houston! 5th grader, Constantina, volunteered for HOPE Clinic, packaging masks for pregnant women. 

To borrow a saying from Village Middle School, "What you do matters!"

High School


Several high school students have put their math, data mapping, and graphing skills to use during this time. One student, Aaryan, encourages everyone to wash their hands, after showing the sobering numbers on how quickly a pandemic can spread. 

[[\media\Aaryan Handwashing.mp4]]

Viking Alumni


Village Viking alum Lauren Fernandez-Miller has recently graduated with her BSN from The University of St. Thomas and is now on the front lines of this pandemic. To keep family and friends safe, Lauren is living in one of UST's dorms that is being used by medical professionals for the time being. 

The sacrifices she is making daily for her patients, her friends and her family are a reflection of her selfless desire to help others. As shared by UST, "The young medical professional chose nursing because of her love of science and strong desire to directly help people who are sick. Those she’s caring for now are fighting for their lives."

Thank you for bravely serving Houston, Lauren! 

Viking Parents


Shown below is a photo of healthcare worker and high schooler Philippine’s mom, sharing a reminder of how we can help most during this time, "We stay at work for you, you stay at home for us."

Many Village families serve in the medical field, and many of our students aspire to give in the same way someday. We’re blessed to have such incredible role models for our students, from our families to our Internship partners, giving of themselves generously in this time, and everyday. 

We can’t thank you enough for the sacrifices you’re making for both our Village community and our Houston community. 

Viking Teachers


Understanding full-well how cabin fever can take its toll, many Viking teachers banded together virtually to participate with others across the country in what has become popularly known as a "Teddy Bear Hunt." Viking teachers began sharing images of the Teddy Bears they've put on display in outward-facing windows in their homes. All across Houston, neighbors and their kids out for a walk, can safely social distance while enjoying this game of being on the lookout for teddy bears in windows.