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The Village School
March 07, 2024

How A Storyteller Found His Stride

How A Storyteller Found His Stride-How A Storyteller Found His Stride-VS5
Vrisan Shah didn’t always enjoy writing, but his parents saw his talents and encouraged him to enter a writing contest when he was in third grade at The Village School. Three years later, he’s the author of three books.

"Initially, I didn't enjoy writing, but I always had stories swirling in my head," explained Vrisan Shah, now a sixth grader at The Village School. "When my parents suggested I enter a writing contest, I thought, 'Why not give it a try?'"

Putting Pen to Paper

After he entered the contest, he discovered writing was something he enjoyed. In fact, Vrisan was able to combine his passion for reading, with writing. After finishing a book or a series that he liked, he found himself searching for similar stories.

"When I am searching for a book and I really can’t find a book with that certain adventure, that certain story, I just write it,” said Vrisan.

The creative clusters of ideas he had in his head, now came to life as they were put on paper. Dragon in a mythical land, stories told by a bear, and wizards captivating tales, are all in the pages of his short stories.

“There’s a whole world out there. You can make anything come to life, that’s what I love about writing,” said Vrisan.

Once he had written a series of stories, he published his first book when he was 9 years old called “Untold Tales of Magic, Mystery, and Fantasy: Avant-Garde Short Stories”. He describes the book as a collection of short stories that weaves together thrilling narratives, each unique and narrated by a variety of characters, including a spy, a wizard, and even a bear.

After publishing his first book, Vrisan continued to write story after story. He said his writing process all starts with an idea. Then he adds characters and themes.

“I really ask myself, ‘What is my idea about?’. I really think through it and then I just start writing,” said Vrisan.

When Vrisan was in fifth grade, he published his second book of short stories called “Super Seven Stories”.

“Writing allows me to express my ideas, my feelings, in a way that I can share them with other people,” said Vrisan.

Most recently, as a sixth grader, Vrisan just published his third book. It is titled “The Treasure Trove of Stories”. These short stories are among his favorites. From science fiction to magic, Vrisan said there’s something for everyone.

Vrisan’s Next Chapter

Vrisan isn’t done yet either. He’s working on a book called "The Secrets of the Multiverse".

Despite being a side project, the book has already grown to 150 paragraphs in length. He’s also writing another book called “The World of Ather”, his longest book yet, with 250 pages, and 50,000 words. The excerpt of Part 1 in the book has been published in Unmoored: Worlds of Pure Chaos and won 1st in People’s Choice. 

Reflecting on his past, and how he started writing, Vrisan has learned a lot. He says writing isn't about entering a contest or publishing books; it's about expressing yourself. He encourages others to give it a try.

"Anyone can write; just put your thoughts on paper."

Who knows what world you’ll enter, how you’ll get there; the possibilities are endless. After all, a blank page is the start of an incredible opportunity.


Vrisan and his former Language Arts teacher were interviewed by KPRC2 for "Read Across America Day", where he talked about his books, the writing process and what his plans for future stories look like.