At The Village School, our students participate in the Village House System. Houses encourage healthy interaction between students within and across grade levels, across cultures and interests, through the shared experience of House membership.

Houses provide students and faculty with opportunities to cultivate rapport beyond the academic environment through competitions and events which promote a healthy sense of school spirit. Leadership roles and service projects within each House offers students of every background opportunities for developing the interpersonal skills needed in college life and beyond. 

The main competition within the house system is the House Championship. At the beginning of every school year, each house begins the process of earning points through various competitions, including school spirit competitions, academic competitions, sports competitions, and community service competitions.  The House Championship instills a sense of healthy sportsmanship in our students. 

At the end of the year, the house which has accumulated the most points is crowned Champion and earns possession of the House Championship Trophy throughout the following year. 

Our Houses

Within the mythology and history of the Village House System, eight virtues are found to be in keeping with the spirit and aim of the House system: Passion, Loyalty, Wisdom, Courage, Protection, Memory, Determination, and Honor.

Name Virtue Description
Dragon Passion

Passion is what drives us to accomplish. It is our motivation and also our fire.Passion is a delicate flame. It must be fanned and stoked in order to grow. Passion is a persistent blaze that gives light to those who come near. Passion is a fierce inferno, once ignited, it burns brightly, warming all around it.

Valhalla Loyalty

Loyalty is that within us that calls us to remain true—true to ourselves, to our friends and families, and to our school. When all others fall away, loyalty remains, a stalwart companion. Loyalty speaks truth with compassion.

Odin Wisdom Wisdom shows us the best way to use what we learn. It is a guide through life, reaching beyond mere knowledge. Wisdom teaches responsibility in the use of the knowledge we possess, to be conscientious with and accountable for our knowledge. As Vikings we should strive to learn new things, use our wisdom to benefit our community and guide others to greater understanding.
Thor Courage Courage helps us to stand up for what is right. A foundation of strength, we step forward when others step back. In the face of adversity, pain and grief, courage stands firm. Courage takes risks for the good when the outcome is uncertain. Courage sets its face against the tide of hardship for the sake of what is right.
Valkyrie Protection Protection teaches us to care for our community. A shield against harm, protection guards the downtrodden, the weak, the forgotten, and the outcast. Protection sees no distinction amongst its community. Protection welcomes everyone with open arms. Protection defends all under its charge.
Skald Memory Memory reminds us to not forget where we come from and who we are. A monument to our history, it looks to the past to understand the future. Memory learns from those who came before in order to build a brighter tomorrow for those who will follow. Memory remembers its roots, holding tightly to the traditions of old, yet sees the skeins of progress prepared for inevitable change.
Tyr Determination Determination keeps us going when things become challenging.Arising to overcome,determination propels us forward towards the goal regardless of difficulty. Determination motivates us as we achieve what seems at first unreachable. As Vikings we persevere through adversity, keep our head up in all circumstances and seek out help when we need it.
Vör Honor Honor is that within us that keeps us true to our word. A light in the night, it guides our path when times are dark. Honor not only keeps us pure of heart, it speaks out in the face of injustice. As Vikings we speak truth through the voice of reason, and stand against the tyranny of wrong.