Research shows that parental involvement, both at home and at school, improves student achievement and we are very proud of the legacy of parent involvement at The Village School. VSPA endeavors to facilitate and coordinate parental involvement at The Village School.

VSPA's Mission

  1. To focus efforts on programs which benefit The Village School and provide opportunities for active involvement, social interaction, and community building among parents.
  2. To support the educational and social objectives of The Village School.
  3. To facilitate communication between parents and the staff.
  4. To provide an organized forum for fundraising projects. The goal of spending will be to benefit a broad spectrum of TVS community.  

We strive to fulfill this purpose through a variety of programs and events throughout the year and invite you to become involved in any way that is meaningful to you.


Our Committee

Meet the VSPA Board Members for 2022-2023:




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