The School Clinic, directed by a Registered Nurse, provides for the health care needs of the school community. Our mission is to provide direct health care services to students and staff, and to promote health and wellness.

Services offered by the clinic include: 

  • immediate care for students who are ill or injured
  • medication administration
  • collaboration with students, parents, teachers, and other staff as needed
  • maintenance of student health records
  • documentation of State required health screenings
  • care for students with chronic health conditions

The role of the clinic staff is to report signs and symptoms of health problems and encourage individuals to contact their own health care provider for diagnosis and treatment.

Immunization Records

All new parents must provide the school with an Immunization record, documented in the English language, with a doctor's signature or stamp.  An up-to-date immunization record from a previous school will be accepted as well. Your child/children will be able to start school only if an up-to-date record is on file prior to the first day of school. Please note that Texas requirements may differ from your home state or country.  

If a parent is applying for an Affidavit to be excused from a vaccine/s, the Affidavit can only be obtained when residing in the US. This Affidavit must be given to the nurse by the first day of school in order for classes to commence. Please note that the Affidavit must be notarized, and the nurse will need the original. 

A copy of the School Immunization Schedule is attached on the ‘Related Links’ below.

All new residential students must undergo a Tb QuantiFERON blood test and obtain results prior to coming to the US. Should the test result be positive, we will follow the recommendations of the Houston Health Department, treatment is always required for treatment of TB or Latent TB, prior to arrival.  

Health Portal

All parents are given access to our school web-based health computer system called SNAP.

The program enables parents to access their child's health information, update medical information, give permission to treat and communicate with the nurse.   

Keeping Your Child Home

Please have consideration for other students as well as your child by keeping them at home if:

  • your child vomits or has diarrhea prior to coming to school, a period of 24 hrs without symptoms must pass before returning to school.
  • your child has an elevated temperature of 100F or over, a period of 24 hours without fever medication must pass before returning to school.
  • your child has an itchy red eye with discharge, please visit the pediatrician prior to returning to school and submit a doctor's note to return to school.
  • a doctor's note is required to return to school if your child/children miss more than 3 days of school.
School Trip Guidelines *(Middle School and High School only)

Please submit all prescription medications and prescribed over-the-counter medications to the nurse of your child's division 2 weeks prior to a scheduled overnight trip. Please send the medication in the original bottle with a pharmacy label, ensure it is not expired. You can remove extra tablets or doses to keep at home to still administer what you need until the trip.  Medications will not be accepted after the 2-week period unless it is new medication/s prescribed during that 2-week period. Please contact the nurse to discuss any concerns before the 2-week deadline, the nurse can help manage a plan for your child/children. The medication form below is required to be completed by the parent and placed in a labeled Ziplock bag with the medication/s. The nurse may request a doctor's signature for certain medications at her discretion. 

The Village School Medication Form

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