The Village School Enrichment Organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable entity dedicated to supporting and enhancing the educational experience at The Village School by providing financial assistance to various programs such as Fine Arts, Athletics, Speech and Debate, and more.

VSEO's Mission

To support The Village School in the areas of academics, the arts, and athletics beyond the classroom. The Village School Enrichment Organization supports innovative programs and experiences to help students gain a larger sense of their community. 

We provide financial support to programs that encourage creativity, innovation, sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal expression from various interests and age groups. From athletic teams, to the arts, and speech and debate, we support programs that nurture talent and encourage growth. Our organization continues to expand which programs we include and support based on the evolving needs of our community.

Your donations help us continue to deliver these remarkable programs. By donating to VSEO, you're investing in the lives of our talented students and helping us foster personal growth and development. 

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The VSEO Executive Board

President: Josephine Hanh Mai

Treasurer: Vivian Yeh

Secretary: Girija Patel

EVP of Programs: Annita Junadi

EVP of Philanthropy: Donna Anstee